Winter Glimdrops 2021

Winter is coming in the northern hemisphere! :snowflake: And to set the mood on the platform, we need winter-themed Glimdrops.

This is where you come in! Feel free to give ideas or submit Glimdrops to fit the winter theme.
Make sure they are in the SVG format (Scalable Vector Graphics; not converted from PNG)!
The style guide for Glimdrops is in the attachments below, so you can get to know everything there is about designing them.

Please make sure it’s winter-themed! We know Christmas is big in the western world, but Glimesh is and will always be a neutral space and will keep the branding agnostic.

Glimdrop_Styleguide.pdf (2.9 MB)

These are by no means finished pieces but I hope they can inspire someone!

Couple of concept designs I had back when I had a bit of time available:


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