Will this Work for Glimesh Marketing?

So I wanted to open up some discussions around marketing methods after seeing a Tweet and I figured we could get some ongoing thoughts / discussions around a few ideas

Is this type of marketing appropriate for Glimesh?
Will it be effective?
Does it fit what we do?
Should we do it?

Example 1.)

So I thought this was a cool little thing. Gets a ton of impressions, gives some community bonding, and it opens the door to spread more awareness of your brand.

But is doing a giveaway in exchange for some art or a contest of some sorts right for Glimesh?

We could easily do this with the versatility of Glimdrops. But is doing a giveaway that is chosen by the team right for Glimesh? Should it be more random? Does this effectively help us grow for the amount? Can it be universally applied to the whole community?

Also if you see other advertising that you think may or may not work for Glimesh this is the spot to have the discussion

I think you should also consider whether we can offer prizes worldwide. I know a lot of these competitions are often locked to US only for prize support for one reason or another, im assuming laws, taxes and all that stuff. So we should also consider not whether we should, but even if we can, in a manner which is fair to all.

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