Whisper / DM ability

One fairly common feature suggestion is to integrate a whisper and/or DM type feature.

So lets start throwing out ideas about what this sort of thing would look like on Glimesh.

Can we do both? I am a fan of the direct messaging system integrated on places like Twitch, Facebook Messenger, etc where it can be a whole conversation back and forth. However I was also a really big fan of the Whisper system on Mixer. Mostly for its ability to be able to easily whisper between streamer and mods to send messages without them appearing in chat etc.

It also was quite handy in that some bots could have commands sent as whispers. So for instance someone could send the command to ask for a gamertag (!tag), a bot would then delete that message and reply via a whisper to the user. This way the end result was that no chat messages lingered. The original disappeared because of the deletion, and the whisper only appeared to the individual who sent the command (as well as the bot account).
It kept chats really nice and clean and I loved that.

The one thing it was missing was the ability to easily send messages back and forth, even whilst offline. This is something where Facebook Messenger and Twitch I think have it right where its a separate chat window that can be popped up and down.

I know this would be a significant more amount of work, but I feel with the conversations around chat reworking, having the discussion now and getting a solid gameplan on where we want to end up is a solid investment in time.

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Whispers would be my go too for preference. So long as there was a way in which they were still logged for GCT in event of any reports etc which come through regarding them.

I found whispers especially useful if a streamer was struggling with something rather than clogging chat, just discreetly whisper them. :slight_smile:


I second Berri . Mixer style whispers were very clean and nice. Although having a separate pop up allows you to have a continues private conversation it requires you to have that separate window open requiring you to pop out of games. As someone who does VR regularly it’d be difficult to see or respond to those. Most streamers have a discord or guilded and can easily use those for full private convos.


I like the idea of mixer-style whispers, where both users need to be in the same chat. I am not a fan of DMs though (particularly offline) - I feel like they would be abused for spamming - even if you were to limit it to friends or followers (and on twitch they are).

I can see the advantage of a conversation view as well - maybe we could give users the option to the show whispers inline or in their own window

I think a DM/Inbox style message potentially will be needed in the future if the site gets a Gift sub option to notify the target of the gift.
That said, when it comes to whispers I have a question for the community – Would you prefer the whispers to be in-line with the normal (non-whisper) chat or to appear in a “tab” on the page (or the pop-out window) that you can switch between the live chat and the whispers to better follow a conversation?

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The Mixer style whisper was fantastic. One of it’s best and under rated features imo. Something like that here would be extreamly useful. I don’t think a full DM system is really nessassary. In nearly 4 years of Twitch I think I could count on my fingers the number of times it got used. However if people are wanting it. There would need to be some system for the GCT to look at it in case of harressment etc


To be perfectly honest, I don’t really see there being any way whatsoever to send a message on our platform that people with appropriately permission-given members couldn’t see. Having a fully private system would be an absolute nightmare for enforcing the ToS.

For ease of use, I would image that when GCT audits a chat log, whispers would show up with some visible aspect denoting them as whispers.

As for the user side, I can see a lot advantages to having a whisper system (and the ability to toggle it on or off). I would also like to see an additional toggle in mod permissions for a creator to choose which of their mods, if any, would be able to see whispers directed to the streamer.

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I’ve seen systems like Discourse handle this by explicitly requiring the moderator to View the Private DM, and then when that button is clicked a notification and audit trail are saved and sent to the appropriate parties. In this case that would be me & GCT leaders. The users shouldn’t be notified themselves.


I think that’s a pretty elegant solution!

While I like the idea of having whispers/DMs I would love the ability to turn them off while streaming. I know i’m not the only one it happened to but some really bad actors have said some really bad/uncomfortable things to me in the past with a whisper system while I was live. I’d love to be able to turn them off when i’m live or like a do not disturb mode so that I can kind of prevent that from ruining my vibes while streaming.


That’s a great point! I was already thinking it should be a toggle, but an option to automatically disable them (maybe with a whitelist, such as for mods?) would be a very nice addition! Then again, I’m not the one who has to actually code it and make it work, so I don’t know the scope of possibility with this lol.

Yeah I believe there has been talk about previously about the ability to restrict any sort of whispers system to mods only or an ‘off switch’ during a live broadcast, or even just in general. Some creators may not wish to receive any DMs/Whispers at all via the platform and I think that is something we should look to accommodate.

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