What type of ownership should be offered to the community?

This thread is to discuss the ongoing project to bring the community on as part owners of Glimesh, make sure you check out the original thread before contributing to this conversation!

Basically we need to understand if there are tiers of ownership, what voting means, what decisions require what about of voting, etc. Some organizations have voting members, and non-voting members to make decisions easier, without removing ownership.

To my mind some thoughts would be:

  • Tiers of ownership as it were I feel should be members and the board. Members feed into the board and vice versa, see this thread for my full thoughts: How are decisions made? What decisions do owners make vs operational staff? - #2 by Berri

  • For votes we would need to decide on what percentage is necessary for a proposal to pass, is there a generally accepted universal norm for that or do we set it at sat 80%.

  • I think voting and non-voting parties is a smart move. As with everything Glimesh, the option to be a voting or non-voting member should be offered to everyone. Some people may want to be members but not be able to keep up with reading proposals all the time, or attending meetings etc, these people shouldn’t be penalised and should be offered the same options in terms of being able to lobby any board members etc. Therefore, making voting opt-in suits nicely here and keeps true to how Glimesh already does things. This opt-in shouldn’t be a permanent thing, people should be able to switch fluidly as time goes on, though we would perhaps need a contingency in which people can’t only toggle it on for stuff they care about to them personally and not vote on anything else - so perhaps a cooldown of some kind before you can switch, though im far from a perfect option for how that could work.

  • Voting should be based on proposals put forward by the Board. Board should be guided/made up from members. As for how a vote is carried out, this should be anonymous, to avoid any targeting of those who vote against an idea/for an idea if an idea proves to be devisive in some way. Before a vote goes ahead the proposal should be laid out publically via a stream and via a blog type post or something similar for people to read and review with say a 1 week - 1 month (depending on complexity of the proposal) review time.

These are my current thoughts, while I haven’t much thoughts in what should require voting on, i think we would need to separate out themes / tiers of changes, and assign how voting would work for that.

Sounds like a nice simple way to do it. Membership & Board Members are the two voting classes, and the Membership has the ownership, and the Board Members can have ownership.

Normally organizations have meeting items voted on by a quorum (the quorum then becomes what you divide the percentage by). So for example, to have a meeting you need 1/4 of the membership in session, and then as long as 51% of those in session members agree, it passes. However for Bylaw changes (basically like written in stone rules), some organizations require 3/4 membership to vote on the changes.

Additionally voting opt-in can be good so we’re not limited by members not showing up to vote who are not interested.

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Board Members are more owners that decide day-to-day operations at weekly board meetings while Membership is usually those that have a meeting once a month to come up with ideas to put toward the board for voting so neither would work unless you made community owners and any other owners board member and open Membership to just normal streamers or even viewers that want to meet once a month to suggest changes that the board would vote on at a weekly meeting.

With a board of members, it is normal that 70% or more pass the vote but in some cases 60% or more pass a vote while 50% ties it up and it would take one decided vote by a board member that doesn’t vote on everything, they are there to break a tie which could be the current owner of Glimesh.

That seems a logical way to do things for sure, helps keeps things moving along and for the bigger key changes you need a larger vote percentage. While the percentages specifically could change I think this model is workable and to the old addage ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’

Board members are normally the ones who actually make proposals for members to vote on. I am a shareholder in a football club, and my business is also a member in a business information district, and in both cases the elected board are the ones who make all decisions to be passed out to the members to vote on. But as members we can also pass things up the change for the board to consider putting together a proposal on.

I feel a co-operative type model would be a good fit for what Glimesh is wanting to achieve and a lot of more modern Co-op’s now outsource funding rather than the traditional members funding the coop.

So I would propose co-op membership options for people to join, with a voted in board that come together to create proposals to be voted on by members.

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