What mobile app features are you looking for?

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The mobile app is currently in development, and hoping to begin testing in the near future with small scale internal testing via the discord! What are some aspects or features you hope to see on mobile, now or in the future?


I would like the mobile app to have a specific view for streamers who are watching their stream via mobile.

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It would be insanely awesome (maybe only to a nerd like me lol) if I could bring up stream health / stats on my mobile while I’m streaming to know the “health” of my stream in real time.


I bet there are a lot of people who would love it if the Glimesh app had an option to turn their device into a webcam right from the app!

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Also, it’d be cool imo if there were 2 sections (big buttons).

  1. Glimesh (or Glimesh Viewer, etc )

  2. Glimesh Streamer

I say that because I think there could be a lot of tools and options that are specific for streamers that would be great to have on mobile devices.

Plus, I could imagine a viewer getting curious about it, clicking the streamer section, and maybe with the tools there, lowering the barrier for them to want to try streaming themselves.

Can you aleborate on what you’d want to see in the “Streamer” section? Just to clarify, our mobile app will initially be only for viewing streams (at least to begin, the future is always in flex).

I figured others could come up with more ideas but the one’s I’ve suggested so far are:

  • Turning device into webcam which automatically links with their Glimesh account

  • Having a stats view of stream “health”, such as bitrate, packet loss, dropped frames, stability via ping to server, a real time graph or numerics that can at a glance show spikes or dips in connection quality due to your ISPs overall stability for your current connection, etc. etc.

  • Goals counter(s), where a streamer could see their viewers / followers / subscribers / etc.

  • A live chat integration so a streamer could choose to have their chat displayed through the app on their phone

I’m not saying these are good or bad ideas, just ideas. I know for me personally, being able to monitor my connection to and from viewers / Glimesh would be super amazing.

I think one potential here, if its not already being programmed would be useful would be a chat only option. Negates the need for a live chat integration such as @FadedKamui mentioned above. Just straight up do you wanna watch this stream with video and chat, video only, or chat only?


That’s actually what I was trying to say exactly, but you worded it much better! Having JUST chat on mobile would be amazing for a lot of streamers, I think.


I would love to see a feature to downsize the video playback off to the side, allowing you to keep watching and listening while doing something else on your phone. Similar/same as youtube. I find that feature very useful for myself and I feel it will make people more inclined to stay on the platform since it doesn’t get in the way of using their phone in another capacity.


I would also like to have the option to show chat over the stream, or squeeze stream to the side to show chat next to it if I prefer. If you can show chat over the stream, maybe give us the option to change the box opacity or just make it completely clean and transparent, with only stream of text and icons showing.

Since the app is still in early development, another nice feature to have as a viewer would be maybe a way to test your phone’s connection to glimesh servers. Maybe you could have a connection health symbol show somewhere within the app. That way you can check right away on opening the app if you got a good connection to watch your favorite streamer instead of having them waste their time with page refreshes to eventually figure out their connection is not compatible at the moment. It will also help a viewer identify if a stream skipping or freezing is due to them or the streamer which really helps. That way a viewer can be like, “hey it says there’s nothing wrong on my end and your stream is skipping”, which can be a lot of help.


We plan on ensuring mobile devices can reliably view Glimesh streams before publicly releasing the app.

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Would love for the future of the app to be able to stream straight from a mode in the app, this way streamers have more options and creative outlets for streaming. Be awesome to take our communities on IRL adventures.

Man i just want push notifications lol i never seem to check my email in time to catch the streamers i follow going live


Push notifications, to me, would be better than email.


Going tonsound ridiculous but, most streaming service don’t have the option to cast a stream to another device.

I.e. Google’s Chromecast. I think it would be awesome to watch a streamer’s stream on my big screen

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@Evildchild or maybe work something with a software-based solution, like Plex?

A bonus of this idea is that working with Plex would give a backdoor way to have PS and XB console apps in the short term, since Plex has dedicated apps for those and people could watch Glimesh on their console that way.

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I also use the heck out of chromecast so that would be really nice so I could watch on my tv and still be able to type in chat on my phone.

I’m not sure if this is really a “suggestion”. But we should keep an eye on the Apple Vs Epic situation.

As it stands adding a “Sub” button to the app would require paying 30% to the platform holder ( ie. Apple on iphones) and having an external link to redirect off platform for subs would violate their app terms.

That second point may be changing allowing the App to direct to the website for Subbing. Essentially allowing subs from mobile.

subscribing is not planned for the mobile app for exactly this reason. Google may also take a cut of in-app purchases on android, I’m not sure