What are the legal / tax implications for Glimesh having more owners?

This thread is to discuss the ongoing project to bring the community on as part owners of Glimesh, make sure you check out the original thread before contributing to this conversation!

We need to understand what additional tax burden, paperwork, and etc would be required for having many owners of Glimesh.

Just a small piece, reposted from the thread relating to how things work for the community when it comes to tax and legal implications.

The fact Glimesh is a US company and from that side it would seem Glimesh is legally required to take witholdings for the members for any dividends paid out as it would be subject to US tax - These withholdings vary from 30% depending on any treaties in place with foreign companies.

Source: United States - Corporate - Withholding taxes

This would therefore me a necessary consideration from a Glimesh business perspective also as we would need to ensure that this is being taken.


Berri answered it about how I would have answered.

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