What are Animated Emotes and how to get them?

I mentioned this to a couple GCT members the other day, and I see a lot of Glimdrop animated Emotes but not a clue how to acquire them, add an info blip over Emotes to show where to get them or an extra Emote tab eventually for a list of the Supporter Emotes.

the animated Glimdrop emotes are accessed via the platform subscription Glimesh which is accessed through the upgrade tab when you click your profile picture in the top right corner. You will also a find a full list of what is/is not included with each platform sub package on that page. this only effects the animated Glimdrops and does not impact access to user animated emotes which have been permitted as platform wide

Hover over, separate etc is a genuinely good idea, our present emote picker doesn’t allow for such though - in the future my hopes are that we do get a new emote picker that allows this kind of functionality, as it would be equally useful for channel emotes which are subscriber only as well!

With all due respect, that reply was 8 months overdue.

Genuinely, this popped up as a new post for me this morning I didn’t even think to check the date on it, like I logged in and it said there were new posts and this was one of them.

Like Berri said though, I think we can all agree this is a good call when we eventually get a new emote picker

Oh wow, really? You know what that’s fair :sweat_smile: