Welcome to the new Building Glimesh!

Hello folks, and welcome officially to the new Building Glimesh! This forum is our new home for our company to run it’s business. Since Glimesh is an open company we practice two of it’s core philosophies: information is open by default, and everyone is invited to help build a better Glimesh.

This forum will help us continue to promote and build on those philosophies by giving us a true dedicated space where we can focus on the work that we are trying to achieve. We’ve mirrored all of the teams that are representing inside the Discord inside the Building Glimesh category. Inside each category is a pinned post describing the team, the usual types of work, and how to get involved. Any additional processes that are required by the team should be pinned in the team’s category as well.

Now, before we begin, here’s a couple of baseline rules to get us started:

  1. Any discussion unrelated to Glimesh.tv or the Glimesh project do not belong here. Please use one of our other social media venues to chat with other Glimesh community members. The one exception is creating threads / posts in the Testing Area to get more comfortable with Discourse.

  2. Always approach a situation or conversation in a positive light, assume the person you are responding to is being sincere and genuine. Discussions will get heated, but we must maintain decency towards each other to collaborate effectively.

  3. Take the time to fully read and understand the existing conversation before throwing your two cents in. Be considerate of the time and energy others have spent on the discussion, and ask yourself if this is truly something you are dedicated to help solving before you add your opinion.

  4. Don’t complain about issues you are not interested in actively improving. Focus on constructive criticism, concrete ideas, and collaborative problem solving if you have an issue with the way something is done.

  5. Keep “excitement postings” regarding new features or ideas to the Like button embedded on each post. Avoid posts that only contain your appreciation of an idea.

  6. Everyone brings something different to the table. Beyond differing skills our differing opinions and experiences are critical to building Glimesh. Do not dismiss contributions based on skill, experience, or for any other reason. However as a contributor you must be open to being challenged on your opinion, and you should be prepared to back it up.

  7. Our moderation team makes the ultimate decision on the discussions that take place here. Do not argue with their decisions. If you would like to appeal a decision, please contact me directly.

With those baselines rules in place, I want to again welcome you and I look forward to building the best streaming platform the world has ever seen!