Weekly Glimcap #7

Hey everyone, welcome to week 7 of the Glimcap! We have been hard at work this past week optimising and fine tuning the website to continue the hard work from launch week.

This week has seen increased stability across all servers, more new streamers arriving every day, and a continued overwhelming amount of support from everyone.

Glimesh’s Growth

This Week Last Week Diff
Discord 6,259 6,141 118⬆
Twitter 9,057 8,858 199⬆
Reddit 535 517 18⬆
Instagram 1,136 1,084 52⬆
Facebook 545 500 45⬆

Users 34,893 32,981 1,912⬆
Apps 571 520 51⬆
MRR $9,780 $8430 $1,350⬆
Support Tickets* 387 262 125⬆

We are again blown away by the continued growth across all platforms. While the initial hype of launch week may have died down a little, the growth continues to be consistent across all platforms.


In terms of website traffic, things have slowed down but this was entirely expected. We are currently trying to make sure we have everything stable and working as it should be, with all the bugs ironed out before we really start pushing to get those numbers up.


Something new this week is our bandwidth chart. This shows us what the traffic flow looks like for each server throughout the day (For both viewers and streamers). In monitoring this it will allow us to determine which areas we need to add in more servers, and which areas we should perhaps scale back. The top portion is basically streamers usage, while the bottom portion is the amount of people viewing.


Our financials continue to look solid across the board. Our subs have remained strong with only a 17.7% churn rate as seen in the second image. That churn rate is basically how many subs have been cancelled. 17.7% isn’t bad at all but we will want to keep an eye out on the number as subs are our life blood at Glimesh. Our net volume currently shows negative because of the timing between our payouts and what is coming in for that time period. Our MRR is still looking strong and healthy and this week we continue that good profit trend.

The next portion of the financials we wanted to highlight was the server budget. We’ve officially reached a point in our usage where our DigitalOcean credits are running dry. We had a 10,000$ credit to try out Digital Ocean as a service and that credit is finally reaching its end. But since day one we have planned and operated as if that credit did not exist. All this means for us is that we will now start using Glimesh dollars to pay for the servers rather than the DigitalOcean credits. We have been building up the budget thanks to these credits though which helps us keep a buffer of funds to keep things going smooth.

Mar 1st-14th Glimesh Server Budget
Gross $8,225.23
Payouts $1,847.16
Revenue $6,378.07

DO Credits $1,189.96
DO Infra $1,189.96
DO Bandwidth $1,674.27
DO Expenses $2,864.23
Remaining Credits $5,178.55

“Budget” Remaining $3,513.84
Actual Remaining $6,378.07

Platform Wins

After a rocky start with channel moderation it became clear to us that people needed more control over the ways in which they could moderate their channel. This week we introduced a few options to help people feel more secure with their channels; streamers can now require that people have verified their account through email confirmation, or even owned an account for a set number of days before being able to interact with chat. This should help address some of the trolling. But as things change trolls will figure out ways of bypassing these blockers. But we want to commit to making trolling as difficult as possible and keeping the platform as safe as possible as we build these features.

We’ve also made a few changes based on your suggestions this week; Glimdrops will now appear first in the emote selection screen and unfollowing a channel will now require a second click to confirm.

Other wins platform wins this week include fixing the channel thumbnails so they remain a consistent size and always show up, and opening up the support article writing so everyone can contribute. You can find that in #article-writing in the Discord. Anyone from the community is welcome to help add support articles to help further develop the Glimesh Knowledgebase.

FTL Wins

Headed for production soon™:

  • Possible mitigations identified for keyframe stuttering issues seen on some streams

  • Several changes introduced that will reduce locking overhead

    • Fewer deadlocks, faster video packets!
  • Fixes to mechanism for calling Glimesh API, preventing use-after-free memory corruption bugs

    • Less memory corruption, fewer crashes!

This screenshot is just some of the code changes that are being made and there are even more FTL fixes in the works.


You have all been invaluable in helping provide us with information about bugs and the dev team are hard at work fixing these. We are prioritising bugs and the current most persistent issues we are working on are; chat not scrolling when it should, streams intermittently going offline while still live, and streams which are not currently live showing up in the live streams list.

Another major challenge we are currently combatting is the best way to make the tag system work for everyone. We have listened that the tag system can be confusing and we are working to fix issues surrounding the use of multiple game tags, tags being in the wrong area and UI improvements to make the tags system easier to use and understand.

Keep an eye in our #announcements and #site-updates channels in discord for updates in regards to fixes surrounding these challenges!

What’s Next?

We want to start refocusing our roadmap. Our current focus before we enter Phase 2 is improvements on the Tag system / Subcategories as well as improving the stability of the FTL. Soon we’ll be looking to do some reprioritization exercises for the phase 2 features so keep tuned to Twitter and Discord for some more information on how to be a part of exercise for the roadmap.

GlimFact of the Week

Did you know? The Glimdrop’s have their own official twitter page which you can find here: https://twitter.com/glimdrop_ full of fun facts about the glimdrop kind - including just what makes a Glimberry pie…