Weekly Glimcap #5

This is the first meeting since announcing launch and this week we will be taking you through our top tips to prepare for launch, what we are doing to prepare for launch, and all the latest news about subscriptions!

Glimesh’s Growth

This Week Last Week Diff
Discord 3,667 2,618 1,049⬆
Twitter 5,944 4,602 1,342⬆
Reddit 366 281 85⬆
Instagram 533 351 182⬆
Facebook 266 212 54⬆

Users 17782 12,816 4,966⬆
Apps 124 69 55⬆
MRR $360 $360 -
Support Tickets 96 8 :arrow_up:

We saw some huge growth this last week! This is a direct result of the love the community has shown us and the hype that came with announcing the Alpha launch. We have truly appreciated all the support the community has shown and these metrics are just one part of that in action.

GCT Wins

The GCT now has full systems training. This will enable all the GCT, not just Team Leads, to deal with name change queries and other more technical questions which may arise through the support@glimesh.tv email, making it smoother for you guys when you get in touch.

We have a new member of the GCT CheekyOzzie! CheekyOzzie has joined the GCT with the Australian/Asian team. He’s been really active in discord and we hope you all get a chance to meet him soon and welcome him in.

Xtrema has been hard at work with more articles this week for the knowledge base; how to monetize your channel, the importance of a positive streamer attitude, and a guide to choosing gaming content for your channel.

Simy has been making yet more video guides, this week sees 4 more join her previous works; how to change your password, how to connect Glimesh and OBS, how to change your email, and how to use two-factor authentication.

The GCT has been meeting up to set out a guideline for violations of our Rules of Conduct and Terms of Service. This allows for a fair system of warnings and bans to be rolled out equally and fairly across the platform. This will be shared in the future once it’s been given the final checks.

The business development team now has its own email (business@glimesh.tv) which allows the team to reach out and talk to other companies/users.

Bug fixes

There have been a couple of bug fixes this week which are going to make your time on the site much smoother.

First up WildWolf has fixed chat height to your screen size meaning no matter what screen you use whether its a pc monitor, a phone, a tablet or something else, chat will always be visible.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) now remembers your preferences! For example this means you will no longer be asked for your 2FA every time you log in if you have selected that you want to be remembered for 60 days.


Merch is available indefinitely! We have managed to hit that perfect sweet spot between Printful and Shopify payments meaning that when you want your merch, it will always be available to buy here: www.glim.shop

Sub buttons have arrived! You can now apply for your sub button here: https://glimesh.tv/users/payments

*Note, you will not be able to use your sub button until launch but you can get everything in place now.

This is available to 34 countries around the world, and almost anywhere in the world can subscribe to a channel. To learn more about setting up your Sub Button please see our support guide.


For those that want to support the platform as well, platform subscriptions are available here: https://glimesh.tv/platform_subscriptions with 100% of this feeding back into Glimesh to help improve the platform.

FTL Wins

Hayden has been hard at work this week load testing the Janus-FTL with 100 streams live simultaneously to one ingest node. There will be many more nodes available on launch but this gives us information about how many streams each node can handle, allowing us to prepare better for everyone going live on the platform.

We have also fixed a couple of bugs this week including a deadlock bug which would cause the service to stop responding, a crash bug and also updated a library to improve reliability when communicating with glimesh.tv.

We will continue to bug fix right through launch and beyond but our hope is that by getting as many fixes in place now. By doing these FTL tests we can have a platform which is as stable as possible for launch to help make things run smoother for everyone.


This week has brought some new challenges to the table, as ever though we are working hard to make sure we get these sorted as soon as possible.

First up we are going to cover the challenges associated with sub button roll outs for those who aren’t in the US. For those outside of the US you will need to fill out a W8 form. This is a requirement by the IRS so that we can make sure we are paying you the right withholding and we have the proper documentation in place to comply with the IRS’s regulations.

You must file this form in order to get your sub button. It is important to fill it in correctly as any incorrect information will result in a delay on receiving your sub button. We know this can be complicated so we have created a resource for you here: https://support.glimesh.tv/en-us/5-subscriptions-payments/111-guide-to-w-8-forms

While we have this guide it should not substitute checking with a tax professional on how to correctly fill out this form for your tax situation. Glimesh and the community team are not equipped to give you tax advice.

Further challenges relating to the W8 form are related to the customer support time for collecting, storing, and verifying these forms so that we can get your sub button approved as soon as possible. We have a system in place at present but we will be working towards making this more efficient.

Lack of 3D Secure support is now really in the forefront of our minds as we launch payments. Those who’s payment provider requires 3D Secure only will provide an error message. This is something which is likely to continue into launch but we are aware of it, so please do be aware of this.

Setting Expectations for launch is a huge challenge for us. There is so much excitement and passion which we love, however it’s important that we really set expectations to be realistic. As we go into launch, you should be aware if you are expecting features you are used to from other platforms which are missing, we are a new site, heading into Alpha. Let’s work together, report bugs, make suggestions for features, and let us make this the platform you want together. You will see more on this on our Alpha Launch Streamer Checklist coming soon on the blog.

GlimFact of the Week

Did you know? The week of the first charity stream we had just 786 users on our platform, as of today that now stands at 18145 users and growing as we look to move into launch week!