Weekly Glimcap #2

Welcome to the second weekly Glimesh blog. Our goal is to give you a recap of the Tuesday team meeting for the week. This way if you weren’t able to make it you can still get some of the details of the meeting. We’ve decided to officially name this weekly new recap “The Mesh”. We want to make sure we keep everyone connected to what’s going on at Glimesh.

Glimesh’s Growth

This Week Last Week Diff
Discord 2,465 2,381 84⬆
Twitter 4,389 4,179 210⬆
Reddit 269 263 6⬆
Instagram 305 278 27⬆
Facebook 193 185 8⬆

Users 11,847 11,232 615⬆
Apps 50 48 2⬆
MRR $310 $290 $20⬆
Support Tickets 7 2 5⬆

Here are this week’s growth metrics. We had some good growth across the board even seeing some spikes on Instagram. Our growth continues consistently and strongly week by week. We also have added a new metric that may expand in the future and that is Support Tickets. This will track weekly the number of support tickets that we are receiving.

As a reminder that these graphs are available on https://glimesh.tv/about/open-data. These are a cool way to see the growth of Glimesh in chart form.

Last but not least we aim to be fully transparent and while there isn’t a lot to share on this image there will eventually be loads of data and information to look at on this screen shot. But this shows our billing growth, product sales, and overall revenue growth.


We launched the Glimcap!

We officially had our first weekly recap blog. If you missed last week’s post, you can check it all out here: https://glimesh.tv/blog/2021-01-29-the-glimcap-part-one. We’ve renamed this to “The Mesh’’ and are hoping that this will become a lasting piece of the Glimesh community to keep everyone informed with what is going on.

Trademark / DMCA Agent Registration

We have officially registered the name Glimesh as a trademark. This will give us just another legal protection and further solidify our presence in the market as an official trademarked company.

We’ve also registered as an official DMCA Agent. This means that we are now able to have the safety of safe harbor in accordance with the DMCA. This also gives copyright holders a single point of contact they can easily find for Glimesh to help better manage DMCA takedown requests. This is another step to help keep us legally compliant to the DMCA.

Dev Team Wins

Those who have been paying close attention will have noticed a couple of new features appear live on the site this week.

First up, you can now switch between languages and Dark/Light mode, even when you aren’t logged in. Simply click the new icon next to your profile picture / register and sign in button to see for yourself. (Not all pages are translated, but most are ready or coming soon, with 17 language options to choose from). If you are interested in helping translate any of these pages feel free to join in #translators in the Discord

Next up we have Tags! Last week we showed off how the tags were working, this week, we have officially launched them, you can check them out via your channel settings.

Finally, something many of you have been waiting for! You can now log in with your username OR email!

Glimesh Community Team Wins

The Glimesh Community Team has been busy this week, so busy in fact we could barely keep up!

In particular this week there have been a whole host of support articles published by Xtrema, RoseRaider, Chris and IgoorCL. Including guides on how to ban someone, how to report users, and resources to help you create the perfect stream through the streamer resources kit.

You can check it all out here: https://support.glimesh.tv/en-us

Outside of the support articles Simy has been hard at work making fourteen 15 second quick tutorial videos, along with English voice overs which you will be able to watch soon! Thanks to Chris there are also German voice overs, with voice overs in more languages planned, so that no matter where you are, you can understand in the way you want.

All members of the Glimesh Community Team have now signed a confidentiality agreement and all Team Leads now have access to help users in more detail via Glimesh.tv!


The challenges this week are the same as we discussed last week, which you can see here: https://glimesh.tv/blog/2021-01-29-the-glimcap-part-one

These are complex challenges which require a lot of information before they can be resolved, but rest assured we are working hard to resolve these as fast as we possibly can.

Community Spotlight

This week’s community spotlight belongs to Glimboi, created by long time supporter Mytho this is a chatbot designed for Glimesh. Glimboi is still in the works, but Mytho has been working hard towards creating a full functioning chatbot. The bot can respond to and make commands, use command variables, create users in the bot database, log chat messages to a text file, and store quotes. Glimboi chat bot is currently in Alpha and Mytho has extended an invitation to those who would like to do some bug hunting and get a sneak peak. It isn’t ready yet though to set up for your stream.

If you are interested in helping support the Alpha Bug Hunt the download link is available here: https://github.com/aMytho/GlimBoi/releases/tag/v1.1.0

And the instructions for authenticating the bot can be found here:


You can also send feedback for bugs which are found via this link:

For more information on this feel free to head over to our discord and ask in the #glimesh-projects , via twitter: MythoGM

We can’t wait to see what comes next!

GlimFact of the Week

A question we often get asked is ‘What’s the origin story of the Glimesh name?’ Well fear not, this week we’ve got you covered!

To understand you need to break the name Glimesh into two parts:

Glim, chosen from the word Glimmer: Points of Light

Mesh: Points all connected together

Therefore, Glimesh: Points of light connected together. The light you ask? Well that’s each and every person in our community, through Glimesh you all come together and connect to help make us what we are.

Written by RibenaBerri and Heiwa if you’d like to join in contributing to the Mesh please reach out in the Discord under #business.’