Weekly Glimcap #19

Welcome to Glimcap # 19! This week’s recap includes some news on GCX and some new updates on some of our roadmap items. This week we saw some different than normal metrics that we will be covering as well.

Weekly Metrics

This week’s growth and loss was a bit on the abnormal side. Discord continues its downward trend and we saw a large drop from Twitter. We believe that this drop from Twitter could be a number of things but we think that is because we had less than normal activity we did not have the growth that normally offsets the loss. But we will keep an eye on patterns and try to bring that number back up.

Reddit, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok have remained consistent with their patterns as well.

Guilded we ended up losing 2 members.

We saw a nice increase in viewership with a 985 increase to our peak viewers and an increase of 2 more unique streamers for the week.

Our MMR still continues to trend downward but our expenses are doing the same.

This Week Last Week Diff
Discord 5,417 5,495 78⬇
Twitter 9,230 9,261 31⬇
Reddit 614 608 6⬆
Instagram 1,184 1,181 3⬆
Facebook 633 628 5⬆
TikTok 69 69 -
Guilded 174 176 2⬇
Unique Streamers 291 289 2⬆
Peak Viewers 3,295 2,310 985⬆
Users 40,704 40,532
MRR $5,870 $6,155 285⬇
Support Tickets 16 16


We saw some decreased traffic. Recently we have been focused on getting content out for GCX and to make sure everything is ready for that as well as working on the mobile app and other roadmap features. So we’ve been storing up a lot of our social media efforts for once we get some of these features fleshed out and the GCX gets going.

Analytics - Previous Full Week



As mentioned earlier we have been a bit quieter lately while preparing for GCX and working on some of our roadmap items, but even so we did see some increase in mentions and profile visits which we can thank the community directly for.

Twitter - Previous Full Week


May financials

We are going over financials monthly now so this section remains mostly the same since last week. At the end of June we will have an update to share more on how the financials will look.

March April May
Gross $12,550.00 $9,510.00 $7,540.00
Payouts -$2,795.34 -$2,036.12 -$1,665.89
Stripe Fee (for prev month) - -$1,230.11 -$1,074.47
Revenue $8,761.10 $5,531.40 $4,231.41
DO Credits $8,042.78 $3,123.86 $1,074.70
DO Infra $2,285.04 $1,483.81 $1,459.07
DO Bandwidth - Overage $2,498.91 $565.35 $0.00
DO Expenses -$4,918.92 -$2,049.16 -$1,459.07
Remaining Credits $3,123.86 $1,074.70 $0.00
“Budget” Remaining $3,842.18 $3,482.24 $2,772.34
Actual Remaining $8,761.10 $5,531.40 $3,928.92

Phase 2

Here are some updates on the progress of some of the roadmap items. These features are consistently being worked on and we wanted to share some highlights of what has been finished so far for some of these features.

Current In Progress Roadmap Items

Glimesh Mobile App

  • Authentication

  • Registration

  • Stream Browsing

  • Video Watching

    • FTL
    • Non-FTL
  • Chatting

    • Sending message
    • Global Emotes
    • Channel Emotes
  • Following / Unfollowing

  • User profiles (basic)

  • Go-live Notifications

  • App Distribution

Custom Channel Emotes

  • Initial Emote System
  • Channel Emotes
  • Vector Static Emotes
  • PNG Static Emotes
  • GIF Animated Emotes
  • Global emotes for subs
  • Channel Emote Configuration

Video Improvements

  • Packet Loss Smoothing on Ingest
  • Reliable video playback for mobile
  • Live / Offline bugs


Here are some of the wins this week. We had some nice little surprise features as well.

  • Peak viewership grew by almost 1000 viewers since last week!

  • New homepage with auto-playing (muted) primary video! Randomly selected from homepage streams.

  • You can now cycle through previous chat messages using the up & down arrow keys!

  • Physical mobile device app testing is starting this week to improve app

Glimesh @ GCX 2021

June 17th-20th

GCX is coming up very soon! Be sure to check us out and see what streams are going on. Here are some highlights for GCX hope to see you there

  • All virtual Expo, in a custom designed Space Station!

  • We have a booth to represent Glimesh

  • Raredrop will be streaming the main stage event on Glimesh from 12pm - 4pm EDT Thursday through Saturday

  • If you have tickets to attend, stop by the Glimesh booth and take a picture/screenshot with us to share on twitter with @glimesh and #gcx

  • Money raised is going to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

  • GCX’s charity goal is 6 million dollars this year!