Weekly Glimcap #16

Welcome to the 16th Glimcap. This week we will be looking at the business in depth, briefly touching on the progress which is being made with Phase 2 Alpha features, and as always rounding up some wins and challenges from the past week.

Weekly Metrics

This week we are seeing the benefits of our dive back into being active on social media with an overly positive week. Discord has dropped numbers dramatically from being down 20 last week, to down 120 this week. However, we think this is because people are joining other servers and needing to leave some as a result, we are not concerned about this.

Twitter is up by 4, Reddit by 6, Instagram by 4, Facebook and Tiktok each by 1 and Guilded by 21.

We have some new metrics being tracked now which are unique streamers and peak viewers. You can track both of these on the website but we will continue to offer a weekly comparison here. Both unique streamers and peak viewership is up from last week.

MRR is down again this week by $150 which is the equivalent of 30 subscriptions expiring.

Support tickets are again relatively consistent with 27 this week compared to 34 the week before.

This Week Last Week Diff
Discord 5,652 5,772 120⬇
Twitter 9,264 9,260 4⬆
Reddit 606 600 6⬆
Instagram 1,176 1,180 4⬆
Facebook 624 623 1⬆
TikTok 67 66 1⬆
Guilded 174 153 21⬆
Unique Streamers 384 367 17⬆
Peak Viewers 2710 2,545 165⬆
Users 40,081 39,751 330⬆
MRR $6,660 $6,810 $150⬇
Support Tickets 27 34


This week is looking good. We are down only 100 unique visitors from last week so it is really close. We almost saw growth on our unique visitors and page views were down but we are yet to work out what page views means for us.

Last week:

This week:


For Twitter we are seeing some growth not only in impressions but also profile visits and mentions as well as followers. The numbers still say down because of a 28 day aggregate but comparing week to week the numbers are going up.

Last week:

This week:

May financials

MRR is down and we had no new subscribers last week. There were a couple of good days which were good but for the most part people are not subscribing throughout the week.

For the MRR breakdown of the 3 products, the churn rate is the same for each at 15%.

The next team meeting will bring a full month financial report for May to compare against the previous 2 months, and will start to reflect the fact we have now used up all our DigitalOcean credits.

Last Two Months March April
Gross $12,550.00 $9,510.00
Payouts $2,795.34 $2,036.12
Revenue $8,761.10 $5,531.40
DO Credits $8,042.78 $3,123.86
DO Infra $2,285.04 $1,483.81
DO Bandwidth $2,498.91 $565.35
DO Expenses $4,918.92 $2,049.16
Remaining Credits $3,123.86 $1,074.70
“Budget” Remaining $3,842.18 $3,482.24
Actual Remaining $8,761.10 $5,531.40

Phase 2

Features which are currently large at work for Phase 2 are the mobile app, channel emotes and video stability for poor networks. Gift subscriptions and raiding have also begun early development. For us right now hosting and raiding will be one and the same as one leads into the other quite naturally.

Most of the progress currently has been with channel emotes and the phone app itself. The phone app is currently waiting on oauth changes but once that is in place we will almost be ready for internal testing which we can then expand to a wider audience as bugs get fixed.


  • Our first true community hosted event went ahead last week with Kizime holding a 14 hour stream on Sunday. $1200 was raised for Save the Children by both existing and new users to the Glimesh platform. We thank everyone who donated and turned out to support the community events, and also to Kizime for hosting his event on Glimesh.

  • We have our next community hosted event scheduled for this coming Sunday with advertising going out now. Artofcod is hosting an Escape from Tarkov tournament. If you would like more information reach out to us in Discord, or contact ArtofCod#4417 directly.

  • We have begun testing Australian ingest servers. If you are having packet loss or stream issues it is worth trying out as it is located directly in Australia, if you are interested in helping test it please head over and open a ticket in our #streaming-help channel in discord.

  • We now have a new Metal royalty free music playlist courtesy of Backing Track which you can find more information about, as well as other approved DMCA safe music over on our DMCA page.

Contributor role changes

We are swapping the contributor role to make it more clear and open as to how you can contribute to glimesh in the essence of keeping open, fair and equal to everyone. Going forward if you wish to contribute to any of our Building Glimesh channels in discord you will need to assign yourself a role to interact in those channels. You can do that in the #how-to-contribute channel in the Discord. For those who don’t assign a role you will still be able to keep up to date with what is happening as the channels are still visible they are just read only.

We believe this to be a positive step by allowing everyone who contributes whether on a small level or large to all be on an equal field, no exclusive color roles in discord or on the website, just the community working together.

The channels we already have won’t change but we hope that these changes will encourage more interaction within the channels. Each channel will have its own standard processes for how things are run, kept track of, and discussed and we hope this will make it easier for everyone. Ultimately we want this change to reflect the open company we are continuing to build and hope to encourage everyone to take part of.