Weekly Glimcap #15

Welcome to the 15th Glimcap. We are continually on the grind working at growing the platform and fully developing the features. This week is a small update but a good one as we are seeing some of the fruit of our labors on the marketing side of things.

Weekly Metrics

We saw some new growth across the board and we see that Discord’s drop in user is starting to level off. We’ve also added a few new metrics that we will be tracking in these recaps. We now have a Guilded server for the community members that would prefer Guilded. The focus of the Guilded server will be primarily community focused as all the work will continue on Discord.

We also are now actively showing unique streamers and peak viewers for the week on Platform User Growth - Glimesh.

This Week Last Week Diff
Discord 5,772 5,792 20⬇
Twitter 9,260 9,234 26⬆
Reddit 600 594 6⬆
Instagram 1,180 1,176 4⬆
Facebook 623 620 3⬆
TikTok 66 63 3⬆
Guilded 153 - -
Unique Streamers 367 - -
Peak Viewers 2,545 - -
Users 39,751 39,300 451⬆
MRR $6,810 $7,160 $350⬇
Support Tickets 34 19


This week we did see a small drop in visitors and pageviews. We have been seeing ups and downs weeks over week but we are working at advertising and building features to hopefully help spark interest again in the platform.

Last week:

This week:


Last Week

This Week

On Twitter we’ve seen a slight increase in impressions and profile visits. Our downward trend has been going up which is nice seeing that we are getting that engagement back. Thanks to the community we are seeing these numbers grow and expand.

Live Streams

While this isn’t a new metric we do have a new way of tracking it on the site. We had 367 unique streams and a peak viewership of 2545. You can view these numbers at any time here Platform User Growth - Glimesh.

Unique Streamers

Peak Viewers


We recently changed the tracking on this from weekly to monthly so not much change. Our MRR is still on the decline but our expenses are as well so we are still doing fine for keeping the service running. We have seen some nice consistency in supporting streamers and appreciate that the community is supporting us and each other.

| | | |
|Last Two Months|March|April
|DO Credits|$8,042.78|$3,123.86
|DO Infra|$2,285.04|$1,483.81
|DO Bandwidth|$2,498.91|$565.35
|DO Expenses|$4,918.92|$2,049.16
|Remaining Credits|$3,123.86|$1,074.70
|“Budget” Remaining|$3,842.18|$3,482.24
|Actual Remaining|$8,761.10|$5,531.40

Phase 2 Updates

The phase two updates right now remain mostly the same. The mobile app is being worked on and when it is ready to be tested there will be an announcement on Discord. The other features as well are also being worked on. If you are at all interested in helping contribute to any of these features or to new features not on the roadmap please reach out in #dev in our Discord.

Mobile App Update


We have a few wins to announce this week.

  • Glimesh now has a Guilded! No matter which app you use, you can join the Glimesh Community!