Weekly Glimcap #11

Glimcap Part 11

Welcome to our 11th Glimcap. Last week we were focused on some exciting news and we cancelled the team meeting in order to focus on Phase 2 of our Alpha Roadmap! This week we have revealed what plans and features we have for the next Phase which you can find in its own blog post here: Phase 2 Alpha Blog and as usual, the Glimcap this week will be covering all the latest goings on with metrics and new platform features.


This Week 2 Weeks Ago Diff
Discord 6,012 6,145 133⬇
Twitter 9,208 9,156 52⬆
Reddit 580 568 12⬆
Instagram 1,178 1,167 11⬆
Facebook 603 587 16⬆
Users 38,392 37,435 957⬆
MRR $8,510 $9,490 $980⬇
Support Tickets 47 46 1⬆

The growth at the moment is pretty small, we haven’t been posting much on social media and there is a lack of events occurring at the moment, so it is to be expected but we are now reevaluating our events system to focus on community events and help things get moving more again.

Users have increased on the platform but our MRR is down. MRR being down is not a good thing, but usage across the site isn’t going up which means in turn the expenses are not going up as well. While activity on the website is down 30%, MRR is only down 10% meaning we are still sustainable. However, usage being down is a concern so we are putting effort into getting growth moving again.


This is two weeks of data so unique visitors for the week works out more like 16k a week. The previous week this was 18k, so we are down on traffic across the board.


We are down overall on Twitter, the tweets are down to us so we need to make sure we are posting more and interacting more. As we start to tweet more these metrics should pick up.


Bandwidth is looking much the same, we are seeing less streams overall but there is a consistent number of people returning each night and having a great stream. While there are some technical issues still for some people, people are able to have consistent streamers and the viewers for those streams are continuing to come back as well.


We are down $1000 in MRR as we touched on earlier (this is comprised of income from platform and streamer subscriptions). Last month we had an MRR of about $7000, this month it is around $6000. Some of this is to be expected but the issue right now is really growth, while we are getting new people to the platform they are not sticking around so we need to work out how best to get these people to stay. In addition to this we need to work on outreach via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as well as look to newsletters via email.

While growing slowly isn’t an issue, slowing down to such an extent is making things difficult. So we want to continue to encourage people to check us out and use us as a common criticism we receive is that there are not enough viewers to go round.

April 1st-18th Partial Glimesh Budget
Gross $6,890.00
Payouts $1,599.79
Revenue $3,553.01
DO Credits $3,123.86
DO Infra $1,031.86
DO Bandwidth $347.80
DO Expenses $1,379.66
Remaining Credits $1,843.20
“Budget” Remaining $2,173.35
Actual Remaining $3,553.01

We also have the budget for this month so far, which is 18 days into the month of April. We do this budget to make sure the subscription money we make can afford to pay for the servers, which allows us in turn to ensure we are running this sustainably. The expenses we have are mainly from Digital Ocean and so far this month are sitting at $1379, which when compared to the same time last month it was reaching $2000-3000. This is good news as it shows that the optimisations and server resizing have achieved their intended purpose of cutting costs.


New Homepage

Our new look homepage has arrived! This brings in a major new feature: front page streamers. These streamers are randomly selected from any of our categories and will change every hour. You must meet the eligibility requirements and be opted in for this which you can find at the bottom of your channel settings page here: Glimesh

This focuses our content on being “above the fold” and shows our overall site message in a clear and concise manner.

In addition to this we also have room for the addition of events and other streamer content, plus quick access categories to make the mobile experience easier.

New Blog

This past week we have also launched our new look blog, it is similar in layout and design to the existing blog but with a focus on allowing more team members to publish content. Future content will also include helpful topics that can be used for marketing. This new look also allows support for social media embedding.

The blog site will be separate from the main site so there is less risk of bugs and faster to load.

We are using Hugo which is an Open Source Software.

New Features

Some new features we have also brought in this past couple of weeks:

Added countFollows and countFollowing to the API endpoints, along with relations.

Added Delete Chat Message (indicated by the bin icon) which is a new permission required for moderators. In addition to this feature we also have the ability to hide moderator icons via the settings cog, found on the right of your chat box in stream.

If you have investigated your streamer settings page of late you will notice that you can now see your total number of hours streamed on glimesh via your channel settings page: Glimesh

Business Development Updates

A new update this week comes from the business development team!

We are currently scheduling talks with companies to help promote ourselves to their services and product offerings as well as reaching out to companies in regard to direct Glimesh integrations.

We currently have talks scheduled with a few companies in regards to partnerships.

If you have suggestions for who we should reach out too next, let us know via the discord Discord