Weekly Glimcap #10

Welcome to the Glimcap Part 10. Last week with the holiday we overlooked publishing the Glimcap (it will be posted with this weeks Glimcap), but we are back and raring to give you all the latest Glimesh happenings with this week’s edition of the Glimcap!

Last week marked our official 1 month since launching Glimesh! We have some exciting news coming up about some Roadmap plans, some plans for Growth, and what’s in the future for us at Glimesh.

Glimesh’s Growth

Our growth right now has been slowing down since after launch. Discord has been dropping but we are curious if people are moving away from Discord because of a potential buyer coming down the road for Discord. Can’t know this for certain but our other socials have still been growing but they aren’t dropping and we have another 639 members on the site!

Whilst MRR is dropping, this isn’t an overall concern, as we explained last week this is still within the 25% drop off with subscriptions which is normal and was expected.

This Week Last Week Diff
Discord 6,145 6,198 53⬇
Twitter 9,156 9,131 25⬆
Reddit 568 564 4⬆
Instagram 1,167 1,167 0
Facebook 587 581 6⬆
Users 37,435 36,796 639⬆
MRR $9,490 $9,710 $220⬇
Support Tickets 46 28

Recurring subscriptions and Platform User Growth are still looking good, and we hope to see these start to grow more soon as we roll out more events.


Previous Week (for comparison):

This week:

This week we see a continuation of the dropping in unique visitors and page views however bounce rate and visitation remain pretty similar, so although there are less people, those who are here are sticking around. The events we have been running have brought in some traffic, which we will talk more on later.

Twitter summary:

Twitter has stopped riding the impression high from launch now and we are down overall profile visits, remember you can help us grow if you wish by continuing to engage with us on social media; tag us, tweet us, like us, retweet us, anything you feel happy with doing will all go towards help us grow.


We are still showing a very predictable cadence here much like last week, which is great for us in terms of planning server availability and size. We are still pulling in a good amount of streamers on an evening, however we do see a small dip over Easter, which isn’t unexpected as more people will take a break from streaming on these days to spend time with family.


MRR is slightly down however the churn rate is still the same as last week. This is perfectly fine as churn is expected with people who sub month one and then decide not to continue, predicted churn rate was 25% which this is still within and is acceptable and to some degree expected.

Mar 1st-31st Glimesh Final Budget

Gross $12,550.00
Payouts $2,795.34
Revenue $8,761.10
DO Credits $8,042.78
DO Infra $2,285.04
DO Bandwidth $2,498.91
DO Expenses $4,918.92
Remaining Credits $3,123.86
“Budget” Remaining $3,842.18
Actual Remaining $8,761.10

This is our first full month budget (minus some minor fees such as POE editor and Shopify which are very small)! The good news here is that for our first month of trading we grossed $12500, paying $2795 out to streamers, leaving a total revenue of $8761.

Those who have been following the Glimcap week to week will know we like to look at our server costs inclusive of our DigitalOcean credits, but also what these figures would look like without those credits, so we can be prepared for when they do run out. So taking this into account, if we didn’t have the credits we would have had $3842 left over for our first month, thanks to the credits though we have $8700. This is being paid into a chest which is being left to build up so that if we do ever have a quiet month after the credits run out, we can carry on.

We have also looked this week to start making some cost reductions on servers. We have conducted an audit which will potentially see a 50% reduction in server costs and a 25% reduction in bandwidth costs. Of course this will be monitored month to month so we can upscale where necessary, but for where we are at right now, this is the best move.

Successful Events!

2021-03-29 2021-03-30 2021-04-01 2021-04-02
Peak Viewers 59 82 22 70
Visitors 215 268 155 159

This past week we have hosted 4 events, 3 were hosted by glimesh and one was our very first streamer hosted event for Burrito Day hosted by theBRIX. You can see from the above table the peak viewers and visitors for each session, visitor count however may be slightly higher or lower as the analytics service used can skew the data slightly.

We have had some good and bad feedback on the events and we will continue to work on the feedback offered and push out more.

We are also looking to start hosting more community events! The event team are currently working on a form for streamers to submit if they are looking to host a community event. The idea here is that the events team will work alongside you to help promote and grow that event. You will still be the one who needs to be responsible for organising and running your event, but we will help promote it for you so that we can continue to build our community and get more content out there to publish.

New Features

Followed streams

The eagle-eyed among you this week may have noticed some changes over on your following page. Many people asked for the ability to see all the people they followed, even when they are offline, so now you can! In the future we are looking at possible features including schedules which would show you when the people you follow are due to go live next, helping you keep up to date with your all favourite streamers.

Streaming Help Guides

A long overdue feature, over on the stream settings page you can now find access to guides on how to get your stream setup with OBS and SLOBS. This is to help people who are new to the platform, or new to streaming in general get set up and press that go live button!

Safety Update

Following a safety concern which was raised earlier this week to our Glimesh Community Team we have implemented a new way to moderate those who may be harassing people via follows without talking in chat. If someone follows you and doesn’t interact any further you can now ban and time out that user directly from the follower messaging, just one way in which we are improving the moderation tools available on the site.

Networking Issues Alert

The notification to tell you a stream is having issues has been reworked. Originally there was no threshold so even the smallest blip would cause a notification. Now, the threshold has been reworked so that the alert doesn’t fire over the smallest thing. In addition to this, rather than the big yellow banner popping up which was previously, the little network icon under the stream will now turn yellow if a streamer is having issues. Many of these issues seem related to Packet loss, so we are working on a way to smooth this out more to make streams more accessible for everyone.

When’s Phase 2?

This week we are talking in detail about how we plan to make a move towards phase? How do we know what phase 2 will look like? certain features we had laid out in our roadmap have changed in priority, so how do we figure out that new priority?

To achieve this we want perspectives from everyone who uses, and who does not use, the platform. In order to achieve this, we have laid out a 4 step plan:

How do we plan the roadmap?

The first step of the road to phase 2 is to survey users of the platform. We have a few different surveys which are being released, so if you want to be a part of this, make sure you have contact via email turned on in your dashboard: https://glimesh.tv/users/settings/notifications

We have a few different emails we are sending out to collect feedback, in addition to also having our #suggestions and #bugs channels in discord, you can see an outline of the types of feedback surveys below:

General Feedback

More generic questions sent to all users, or large groups of users.

Glimesh First Month Experience

Generic survey to collect as much aggregate feedback as possible. Going out very soon!

Direct Surveys

We email users directly that fit a certain criteria we want to hear more about.

Streamers who have streamed on Glimesh before, but not in the past 1-2 weeks

Learning directly from users who stopped using our platform: “why”.

Viewers who interacted with a stream before, but have not in the past 1-2 weeks

Learning directly from users who did not find content, or had technical difficulty that prevented them from coming back

However, we know these surveys aren’t the entire picture, so we continue to ask people to share their experiences on thoughts in discord, and social media.

Community Feedback

Community feedback is a huge part of what helps us grow and shape what we do. Whether it’s through our discord or via social media, we are listening! We read every single suggestion you make and we take them all into consideration, so please, keep it coming.


In order to create the roadmap to phase 2, we want to take all the potential suggestions and distill them down onto the roadmap. So, next Tuesday we will be announcing the first revision of that roadmap!

Roadmap Meetings

In order to get people involved in our meetings, and for us to continue to reflect the openness we believe so strongly in, we invite you all to attend our roadmap meeting 2021-04-11/12 (date will be finalised soon), keep an eye in discord and on our social media outlets!

This will take place different to normal meetings, via the new meeting feature in discord. The feedback will be collected in advance via the surveys and the Glimesh team will host an open discussion on how to distill this information down into a prioritised list, and form our phase 2 roadmap. Those who attend will be able to interact with each other, but the team themselves will not be directly communicating, though you will be able to hear everything that is being discussed and comment between yourselves. Carrying the meeting out this way isn’t a way to ignore you all, its because trying to collaborate with 10 people can be difficult, with 100s of you would be near impossible, so we will give you all chance to give your feedback in advance and use the team to help collate this together and mould it into our new road map.

GlimFact of the Week

Did you know? We have a dedicated support team which can help with account issues, ToS queries and more. You can reach out to them via email: support@glimesh.tv For specific streaming related issues you can open a ticket in our discord #streaming-help where our team can offer one-to-one troubleshooting to help you get the perfect stream!