Weekly Glimcap #1

Welcome Glimesh community to our first weekly recap. This is a new adventure to give you a weekly round up of what’s happening here at Glimesh. We will be overviewing the Tuesday meeting and giving you some other interesting tidbits of news and information that is happening in the community. Our goal will be to put this newsletter out each week on Thursdays and give you the latest Glimesh news.

Glimesh’s Growth

We track our growth across platforms for many reasons. It helps gauge how people are perceiving us, it can help us understand platforms that may need more attention, or it can also show us interesting trends after social network posts. But most importantly we want to involve our whole community in our growth. Sharing these metrics is a way of helping keep the community involved with our growth. We have no secrets to hide and want to give you the opportunity to see our growth as well and celebrate in the growth as well as help out in the weak areas if you desire.

Here are some new user stats as you can see from the chart below we’ve hit over 11K users on the site! https://glimesh.tv/about/open-data

This Week Last Week Change
Discord 2,381 2,348 33
Twitter 4,179 4,120 59
Reddit 263 256 7
Instagram 278 276 2
Facebook 185 179 6
Glimesh.tv 11,232 10,882 343

Our next growth metric we look at is apps. This is a measurement of the number of application requests we get for developers to create their own tools for Glimesh. This gives us an idea of how many potential apps are being created.

This Week Last Week Change
Apps 48 48 0

This week we didn’t have any additional apps created. We do know there are plenty though in the works.

The last section that we are looking at is Monthly Recurring Revenue. This is a metric showing the dollar amount that we are earning each month through subscriptions, merchandise sales, and any other revenue we earn. This isn’t necessarily a sign of how much money we are earning but is something you can look at to see what the platform is bringing in before expenses. This is shared in the team meetings each week.

This Week Last Week Change
MRR 290$ 315$ 25$


This week’s wins we have a handful of development successes. The dev team has been working hard polishing up the site as well as creating new features in preparation for the Alpha Launch as well as a small announcement of some collaboration with QuickDrop Media. Here are some highlights from the Team Meeting of some of the news.

Tags overview from Clone

First off, tags are finally here! All thanks to the hard work of Clone1018. Tags will allow you to accurately describe not only what game you are playing, but also a whole host of other personalised descriptions.You can view the full lowdown on the tagging system here: https://youtu.be/-Ebp4bKdMn0?t=334

Tags can be set within your channel settings as shown here:

Tags can be anything you want to use to describe your stream, keep it TOS though, because the GCT will be reviewing tag use for anything deemed inappropriate.

When you begin to search for a tag a list will populate showing you the most popular tags, if what you want isn’t there, fear not, you can add your own tag at any time simply by typing it in. The number of uses is there to help streamers pick the most popular terms, in order to maximise your visibility.

Any tags which go too long without being used will automatically fade from the system, but can be readded any time simply by typing it in again.

Each tagging system will be unique to the category you are within. For example, if Counter Strike was the most popular tag within the gaming section, this won’t be the case in music. Makes total sense right? Why would musicians want to be seeing video games at the top of the tags list, when the music style is more important?

What’s more, there will also be global tags. These will be things which are cross category, for example family friendly and veteran.

These tags aren’t just for the streamers, viewers are able to search by tags. Want to see a World of Warcraft streamer? Simply search that tag and see every streamer who is tagged under that. Want to be more specific and add in a family friendly and alliance player? Do that and refine the content you want to see, to let you get the most out of your viewing experience!

Tags also help us at Glimesh, by knowing which tags are most popular we can help mould and shape the site to help build upon that.

New support Email and Website

This week we launched our new support website: https://support.glimesh.tv and made our support emails accessible to the Glimesh Community Team aka the ““GCT”” in order to handle all your queries and issues directly via


A big job well done to our GCT member Chris who responded to the first issue perfectly and got it resolved quickly.

A special mention also to MoltenLlama for helping to get this set up and providing training to the GCT on how to use the software needed to make this possible.

Janus Refactor

This week was a huge week of wins from the Dev team. First up Hayden fixed up the Janus Refactor. This means improved code, strengthening the base build of the platform alongside a long term stability for addressing issues before they become a huge issue.

Content bug fixes

Ember has also been hard at work for the dev team this week, fixing how things look to make it better for us all to look at. In particular she has implemented a fix to make tables side scroll, rather than expanding beyond the width of profiles. This fix is especially important for smaller screens such as monitors and tablets.

Bug fix for .jpg or .PNG

Long term issues with image uploadings have been resolved this week. As those who have been on the platform to set up their accounts will know, there have been issues with the system rejecting images which weren’t labelled .png or .jpg, we can now say happily this has now been solved and you can upload profile pictures without the need to relabel.

Emails Name Change

Previously our emails were showing up as coming from Noreply@glimesh.tv or support@glimesh.tv but thanks to LittleToonCat we are now able to send emails and they will appear in your inbox as being from Glimesh!

Video padding improved and icons made for followers

We have also reduced the amount of padding around the video this week, meaning less wasted space when you are watching a stream. A small change which we feel will make a huge difference, especially to those on mobile, where the video will now take up a much larger space on the screen than previously for better viewing! Also you may notice if you resize your screen there have been some additional icons added. Instead of Follow and Viewers being written out there is a small icon to replace those allowing for a cleaner overall aesthetic.

Some SEO research has been done for Google keywords.

Simy has been hard at work this week trying to get to grips with our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order to allow us to help identify what terms are best for us to use to help us be more reputable on google. This is an ongoing project which Simy is helping us make big strides towards mastering.

Official Partnership with Quickdrop

This week sees us bring a whole new section to our weekly wins, partnerships! Partnering with other platforms is important to us as we grow, but we want to make sure that those we do share the same ethos of being open. This week, we are proud to announce we have found that in Quickdrop.

Quickdrop brings you all the latest gaming news, direct to your inbox via a daily email, letting you stay ahead of the competition. You can sign up for when it launches on February 1st here: https://quickdropmedia.com/

Partnering with Quickdrop will bring bi-directional promotions, sponsored events, newsletter posts and even their own stream right here on Glimesh.

We are very excited for this partnership and can’t wait to see where it leads in the future.


Sometimes, things don’t run quite as smoothly as we would hope, and in the essence of full transparency we like to share those challenges with you. This week’s challenges are a variety of ongoing things which we are working hard on bringing together so they can be future wins!

Lack of information around Foreign tax and legal for Payouts.

This is a huge learning curve for us. Working with so many countries brings its own challenges as we try to work out what each government requires from us. Our payment provider, Stripe has given us access to paying out to 40 different countries. This will allow us to pay out to those 40 countries once we have all the taxes worked out. Right now only the US is fully covered, but we are working hard to get all the information in place for Canada and the UK next. From there we will be able to work on rolling out across the remaining countries once these areas have been fully tested. We are working hard on this and are aiming to make this available for our Alpha launch to all the 40 countries supported by Stripe.

You can check out which countries we will be supporting here: https://stripe.com/global

Community Show and Tell

This week’s community show and tell belongs to Chameolabs, which is currently in development by Dantwire. You can go check them out here: https://chameolabs.com/

Chameolabs is developing software for use with Glimesh that allows streamers to use widgets, alerts, a cloudbot and more. This week Dantwire posted a video in Discord showing us their alerts working. We can’t wait to see how this develops!

Check out our Discord for a little sneak peak!

We asked Dantwire about the future of this platform, and this is what they had to say:

‘We have an analysis of the followers as a diagram. You can create followers, subscribers and viewer counters. There is the possibility to create followers and subscriber goals and recently you can also create alerts. The cloudbot will follow soon alongside emote explosions’

Roadmap Update

Being completely open means keeping you in the loop with everything that’s going on around here. One of the best ways to do this (besides attending our weekly team meetings or catching up via our youtube channel www.youtube.com/glimesh , is with our roadmap.

The roadmap allows you to see what projects we are working on, what we have finished working on, and what we will be working on in the future. You can keep up to date on this any time by visiting our website: https://glimesh.tv/blog/2020-12-16-december-roadmap-and-feature-update

This week, not much has changed on previous weeks however, if we take a closer look at how the roadmap is looking this week:

Compared to the last major December update:

You can see a couple of things have changed. First off, the GCT finally has its own dashboard, this is essential to allowing the team to effectively moderate on launch. Scalability has also been completed and our merchandise is well under way! If you haven’t seen the example of our merch here it is (modelled by the ever lovely Kristoff).

We will continue to bring you updates on this every week!

GlimFact of the Week

Did you know that Glimdrops can take on the shape of anything they choose? If they rolled for skillcheck on disguise they’d get a natural 20 every time!

A collaborative effort by Ribenaberri, Heiwa, and JerHenning. If you’d like to contribute to these blogs hit us up in Discord in the channel #business.