Ways to Highlight to Users Streamers They Have Followed, But Have Not Watched (In Awhile)

Forgive the word salad of a title. I was looking at my Twitch following list the other day and thought of something to highlight to users streamers they have followed, but have not watched in awhile.
Of course this would be togglable and a visual way to process all the channels a user follows.

On the Following Streams page, under this option, each stream would have a red, yellow or green highlight surrounding it. Green would mean you have watched the streamer within the past 3 days. Yellow would be for 4-7 days. Red would be for streamers not watched within the past 8 days.

We could do the highlights or provide an option on the page where you could sort by the longest time away (or whatever we’d call it).

The difficulty right now is we don’t track watch time at all, so the length of time would have to be based on the last chat message you sent in each stream. If you mostly lurk, we wouldn’t be able to sort (or highlight) very well.

That said, it’s a great idea and I look forward to additional feedback or suggestions!

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I feel like users seeing a message like " you haven’t watched Cykotiq in 3 months" would only serve to encourage them to unfollow, when in reality Cykotiq may not have streamed at all during that period. If that were the case I’d think many viewers would want to know even more when the streamer comes back


Agreed, this would have to take in account streamers who have not streamed in said periods.