Video quality options missing

I noticed that the video streams doesn’t have a quality option. While watching live streams at its highest quality is nice, slower networks may suffers and smaller devices couldn’t really tell the difference (except the slower stream due to network speed). I am not a tech person so if this wasn’t implemented for any particular reasons (or is already on the roadmap) then sorry for the bother. Thank you.

At present we don’t have those options, there has been talks in the past as to how we could implement it but as yet there’s nothing directly planned. Transcoding can bring with it a lot of additional cost.

Presently we are working towards video optimisation for various networks and looking to bring in a low latency RTMP option for people as well which should also help. The mobile app which is releasing later this month has taught us a lot of video stabilty for viewers and we will continue to learn and work and build optimisations to help the viewer experience.

If you are experiencing any partiular issues please do report them through in our discord though , we are more than happy to help try and improve your experiences wherever possible.

not just cost, but it adds complexity logistically as well. Right now we just receive one feed from the streamer and we send it wherever it needs to go.