Video player not working in Brave Browser

Your environment

  • Browser: Brave Browser
  • Operating System: All

What did you do?

Browsed and tried to watch a stream.

What did you expect?

The video to play.

What happened?

The video does not play. You cannot manually start the video.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this bug affect most Chromium (as opposed to Chrome) browers? Both Brave and Opera are Chromium, as is Vivaldi (which I used to use and was also affected, so I switched to Firefox.) You may want to merge the Brave and Opera ones.

While Edge is Chromium as well, I think they have a modified rendering engine and thus isn’t affected; I could test it if you want.

We haven’t gotten any reports for Chrome, Edge, or other webkit variants. I’m not convinced the issues are connected.