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So in this discussion we are talking about the Trello Boards How Do I Contribute / Involved Pages - #9 by Heiwa

Trello has been a favorite tool for a while and I think it only makes sense to continue using it. So the question is though do we want to follow the idea of

1.) Make a Trello board for each division of Glimesh and start using those to track projects?
2.) If we do go this route we need more boards so what do we do with the current boards?
3.) If we don’t go with this idea what direction will we want to go? (Probably best to have that discussion on post referenced above)

I feel like the trello boards work best when it is a clearly defined, highly focused group (such as the GCT) with clear targets to hit. There are several trello boards however that have just turned into giant lists that nobody actually works off of anymore - which is good for logging/archiving, but not so good for productivity since you really need to wade through it to find something to work on

trello feels like more behind-the-scenes work to me. I’d be willing to bet that most people are not even aware many of the trello boards exist. I realize it may be nice to keep the work separate from the discussions, but it may make people feel not welcome to contribute freely, when they need an invite to access the board - it makes it feel like an exclusive club, which I don’t think meshes with our ethos.

I think trello works well for some things, but certainly not everything - for example the [code] dev team probably prefers to work off github, another team might prefer to work off a google doc, another might prefer to work straight off building glimesh

This trellos are intended as a visual aid for those who want to keep up with what is going on. Someone picks up the tasks in here, works on it on their dev environment, github, photoshop, whatever, and the discussions continue, in here. But they assign on their trello and can move between stages of completion, this way people can see what is actively being worked on or not at a glance, see which teams have a pile up of tasks with ease, and perhaps encourage some people to get involved more if they can see easily what it is needs doing and how many people are working on things.

It wouldnt be the main source of go to for any team, just a visual aid in addition to the other things to allow people to see at a glance what is being worked on/not. Its the easiest way to show that in a way which allows people to scroll and say “ah” this isnt being worked on, ill pick that up, and assign themselves to it.

As this gets busier it will be very difficult to look in here at a glance and know what is actively being worked on / not, in fact its already the case in some areas, this could help greatly with people being less overwhelmed with a quick glance to look for ideas where to start.

Also, to my mind, these channels represent Glimesh officially, meaning the official tools should be used when necessary, all it takes is access to a link which is very much no different to being given the link to access building Glimesh.

So the main idea behind using the Trello is to have the work visualized.

The actual work is not intended to happen there, but more or less have an official way to make it possible to see what work is being done and what is available to do.

The building Glimesh forum will be the main area of work happening but currently it is difficult to have an At A Glance look at what can be done or what is being done vs what is done.

That is the hope of the Trello boards. I would manage the ideas and bring visibility to them but the actual work being done would be elsewhere. This is purely just project management to help identify and track what is going on.

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@clone1018 @Paco1342 Did you have any thoughts on this?

I would like to start implementing it and getting stuff restructured but I need more Trello power to start closing some of the old boards

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I personally like Trello for organization, it’s pretty easy and intuitive if set up well. The only concern I see is adding yet another page being added to the rotation of things to check and keep an eye on. The amount of places I check daily is staggering already. If it’s useful, effective, and maintained then I’m all for it, I just don’t want it to be more burden than necessary.

As for closing some of the older boards, they aren’t consolidated in any way. They are owned by whoever made the board lol. You’d have to look at each one and see who owns it and then work with them, most likely.

So the overall goal is not to constantly have to check in on it. It would just more or less be a visual to see what is going on in each department of Glimesh. I would essentially manage the boards to keep them up to date so people can easily hop in and see what they could contribute to

I have made a new Trello Workplace to illustrate what this will look like with real examples. Please be sure to each the idea in How Do I Contribute / Involved Pages - #9 by Heiwa to get a good idea of how this process should work.

But we may need some work on the new Trello boards to make it more efficient. My current plan is very manual but I know Trello has tools to make this process easier.

I could see this project potentially having many problems other open source projects have and that seems to be some kind of way to organize work and work that needs to be done. Many people like trello because it is visually appealing but these lists and things should be documented in one place that isn’t a cluttered trello page, a git repo and a forum. Perhaps its own git repo over trello. Github has made a simple easy to use gui for creators and is shared among everyone envolved with the project and allows forks to be easily created for further contribution. Putting things in 5 places is really just more work in my oppinion.