Thoughts on glimesh raiding

i just watched harris heller’s (alphagaming) video regarding youtube’s recently added raid feature, and he had a lot of good feedback; particularly against hate raids. Based on that, and comments on his video, here on some options I would love to see in glimesh’s implementation if/when that day should come.

For streamers being raided:

  • Do not allow raids
  • Only allow raids only from streamers you follow
  • Only allow raids from streamers with a certain reputation level (see reputation layers thread).
  • Allow raids from a specified list of streamers
  • Allow raids from anyone
  • Ask me to accept each raid (ie. streamer gets a message “xyz streamer would like to raid you with ### viewers” and needs to click Yes )

A minimum required reputation level would be particularly useful if getting banned from any channel on glimesh temporarily lowers your reputation level

another great idea was to track raiders from the raiding channel, and add a moderation button to ban everyone from a given raid. This is a feature targeted specifically at hate raids.

I would also like for raiding to be opt-in to participate - a “join raid” button would suffice. The streamer could see how many people are participating before going ahead with a raid, and it would ensure that only active viewers would be sent over (no hollow viewer counts)


I didn’t get a chance to watch his video, but I did follow a few of his threads on twitter regarding it and I also really like some of these ideas! Thanks for organizing into an easy to digest version and putting it here.

Personally I think it’s better that raids weren’t so easy to pull off. If it requires more coordination from a wholesome community, that was what made raids special and a thing in the first place. It’s also, conveniently, quite doable on Glimesh as is if done old school. If someone pulls it off, it’ll legit be impressive and a whole lot more memorable.

However, should raiding become a thing, I did comment about re-naming it here: New name for Raiding - #36 by Banjax