Testing! Australian Ingest & Edge

In order to provide stream stability for our friends down under, we’ve rolled out some fully supported test servers!

Edge Server
When you are watching a stream, you are using an edge server. The process happens automatically, and if you’re in Australia or New Zealand, you’ll automatically use the new edge server.

Ingest Server
If you’re a streamer who wants to try out our new Australia server, you’ll need to manually modify your OBS services list.

Location: %appdata%/obs-studio/plugin_config/rtmp-services/services.json

Add the following under Glimesh:

    "name": "Oceania - Sydney, Australia - TESTING",
    "url": "vultr-syd-ingest1.yssy.live.glimesh.tv"

Alternatively if you’re using OBS 27+ you can use
in the Server box under Custom...

Both of these servers are in Sydney, Australia, and hosted by https://www.vultr.com/. Since this is a new provider, we’re letting the servers test for awhile. Once we’ve proven them out a bit, we’ll get them formally added to OBS for easy setup.