Teams pages / Teams in general

Allow users to create teams pages (must have some sort of verification to prove they are a legitimate team not a bunch of friends playing together) The team then get a page that displays a list of members, and shows a live tag if they are online, a space for a highlight video, and have either a way that the team members can post “tweets” to the page, or a way to pull an RSS feed from the members into the page.

Twitch has teams, but the pages are god awful looking. So again like the clipping idea, a hybrid social media/teams page.

Verified teams then could have a specific tag that the users can use to display that they are part of an official organisation.


I don’t see any reason to require verification of legitimacy for teams, nor any idea how we could do it

I think a situation where it’s open to everyone to make a team, but we can “verify” in some way certain parties (companies, e-sports teams, or other “official” entities). I don’t see it giving you anything special, but it could be nice for people looking for groups to see whether the one they are viewing is, for instance, the ACTUAL e-sports team or somebody who thinks they are clever.

But I do agree that at it’s core, team functionality should be open to everybody.

we don’t verify that users are the authentic entity, so why should we verify that teams are the real deal? Who are we to decide, and how can we prove it - the same problems exist

Given that Glimesh already makes it relatively easy to put your team branding on your profile, chat background and tags, plus your own obs overlays, it seems unnecessary to me for a teams thing. You did give me an idea though that people may find useful. What if the tags system was made more versatile…not sure if that’s the correct word…point is, what if when making a tag you could do some colour formatting for a limited selection of colours they can use to make tags stand out?

For example:
“Tarkov”, “Progeny e-Sports”, “suffering”, etc