Stripe Cross Border Payouts

I am making this so we can keep track of the countries in Stripes Cross Border Payouts system.

This also affects the graphic on this page

As of right now the graphic on the support page should be updated. I will periodically check this or others can in case there are new countries added which we can roll out support for.

Glimesh Current :

Stripe Current :

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Thanks for that Heiwa I’ll get on it today and update it :slight_smile: !

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Can confirm this has now been updated on both the page mentioned above and the FAQs article on the support site, again thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for doing this! We should remove the " Platforms can also request an invite to pay out to Express and Custom accounts in the following countries:" as it’s confusing for users, and we already support Brazil.

I’ll see if I can do some photoshop on the image tomorrow and add Brazil into the main list!

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Just wanted to send out a little friendly ping on this one.

Ah nuts sorry, ive written it down now, itll get done tomorrow. I apologise!

updated now! thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

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Random check of this and nothing has changed so we are all good

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Another random check and no changes we are still all good.

@clone1018 @ribenaberri

WE got more countries!

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Cool Ill confirm with Clone these are all working etc fully and get them updated to the graphic!

This is just a little Ping for @clone1018

I responded to @ribenaberri’s DM, we don’t currently support these countries. They need to be added via the config at: at dev · Glimesh/ · GitHub

Do we need to do anything in communicating with Stripe?

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Adding New Stripe Countries by Heiwa1580 · Pull Request #782 · Glimesh/ (

Was this correct?

More new countries!

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I’ve been off the ball with this but with my new job I am getting back into the swing of things. Handful of new countries added and a few of the previous test countries have been added to the main list.

Will have to get them added to the list at some point. May wait until there are a handful more to do a larger batch.

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Stripe changed this up some.

Also there are countries that are going to require extra work from the user to get setup

Separate thing but related. Stripe has some countries that require a minimum payout. We may want to add this to a support article after adding these countries