Streamer onboarding & ease-of-use

One of the turn-offs for streamers coming to this fantastic platform is the lack of onboarding specifically around panels and developing panels below the stream. It is also tricky to set up alerts, scenes and so on without knowing the right third-party integrations to use.
I suggest:

  • A proper onboarding experience for those who create a channel. Walking them through how to edit tags/basic stream setup and how to create panels and what third-party integrations are available.
  • A new editor for panels that still might used Markdown behind the scenes but is a WYSIWYG editor. An investigation into how other platforms handle this might be worth it.
  • A reminder that technology is great, if streamers can use it. The majority of streamers are non-technical. That means they do not know how to use Markdown, or how to program, or understand HTML, or how an API works. They want an easy, one-click solution that is super simple to use. For the technical streamers this should include the option to go technical if they want to. An all-in-one onboarding solution would fix this.
  • Storing of images on a CDN - I know this has been mentioned a million times or more, but it is probably the best way to do things. Allocate users 20MB or something small, and allow them to upload images.

I think the majority of users are just used to using twitch panels. The same effect can be obtained with CSS flexbox or bootstrap cards (for the technical people here). Maybe we just need to add a “Panel” button to the current editor that pops up a modal - like when you click the hyperlink button here on the forum - that allows them to create one inline without messing around with markdown.

I think there are people who also appreciate the “blank canvas” style of creating a profile and would be unhappy if we took away that freedom. I think the hybrid approach is the way to go - you can use panels, or you can use markdown, or you can use both

There are also people who just obsess about laying it out perfectly the way it looks in their head, and that really isn’t what markdown is intended for, nor would it work well when the width of the profile/bio area is flexible. They want markdown to do things it wasn’t meant to do

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i did some poking around and Toast UI editor might be just the thing. It has a WYSIWYG editor (which I would suggest we set as default) and its open source (MIT license). It’d be nice if we could add few toolbar button for creating twitch-like panels, images w/ links, and centered text/images, but other that that it looks very impressive!


That sounds excellent, and I have heard good things from Toast UI from when I looked at it for a separate project.

I think with the onboarding experience/tutorial it’d just take something like ShepherdJS or something similar (no idea but it seems nice) to be triggered and allow them to walk through the setup if they want to (quit at anytime). Support docs are great, but don’t work better than an interactive tutorial for the most part. (Good to refer to later though!).

Not sure about the software stack/whatever you’re using so it might not integrate but I’m sure there’s something else out there that would, or it can be made simply.

I like the Twitch panels but I’d personally find it sketchy on Glimesh. As far as I’m concerned, the more Glimesh differs from Twitch the better in many cases. Not saying that panels would be problematic or anything, I just prefer the blank canvas like Cykotiq said. I’ve seen some really creative uses for it and if not having panels enables that creativity then it’s worth doing without them. I’m sure that some of the cooler ideas will inevitably lead to some people making a comprehensive tutorial for everyone’s benefit and that genuinely excites me.

the way I was proposing it, panels would just be another organizational element you could add to your blank canvas, the way you can use tables and images currently. Those who want to copy over their twitch profile exactly could do so, those who want a blank canvas don’t have to use them, and if you want to use panels in the middle of your blank canvas you could do that too!


Ah ok I got you. I didn’t follow first time so thanks for clarifying. That sounds like a good win-win

I agree with the sentiment here: the more options we can provide, and the more accessible we can make it for people of varying skillsets, the better it will be. The current system is surprisingly powerful and can be done with a bit of effort, but not everybody has the time, desire, or aptitude to learn a skillset just so that can have a picture that links to a website or something.

another thing BlueIceWolf brought up in discord is the ability to add third party panels (specifically for things like leaderboards/stats (eg. streamelements), or extensions (eg. embedded insta or twitter feed). I think this could be dealt with using either an “edit bio” permission for third party apps, or in the case of extensions it could be directly integrated with our own glimesh interactive implementation in the future - maybe a separate type of interactive app (always running) that allows creating a custom sized panel and it can only make changes to that one panel

If this refers to the likes of an eventual highest donos/subs leaderboard I just wanna say I feel that’s a slippery slope into the type of streamer who ranks viewers by how generous they are which is something I feel doesn’t line up with the values of this platform. Aside from that it sounds really useful for profile customization with more interactive elements. Which reminds me, is there any chance to make wordart httml graphics functional in the profile? It’s a simple thing (example: Banjax Games - and I think it would look really cool to have it react to a mouse hover like it does in the link.

I agree that isn’t the sort of behaviour we should encourage, but not everyone uses it out of greed. I don’t see this as enough of a reason to not add the feature. Some people just like statistics, others feel obligated to be able to thank their most generous users appropriately (indefinitely even). There are other kinds of leaderboards/stats too such as viewer countries.

Just to add to this cos a different thread took me down this path.

It would be neat if there was to be an onboarding process, which also took you through all the differing options for your stream (such as links on n off etc) so people can set it up in a way which is guided, and if they want to go back change it later they know its there too change.

A lot of the modular options Glimesh offers to streamers do often get overlooked and this wuold be a pretty good way to handle that I think :)!