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Okay, given what Clone mentioned about needing extra people and not having new ideas for social media, so this is my proposal: streamer of the day. There was, at the beginning, someone running a weekly streamer announcement, getting our users’ names out there. Perhaps it’s time to not only bring that back again, but to bring it in house.

I have some other ideas, but they would probably be best stated if there was a formal social media team to work their way around.

Streamer of the day sounds like a pretty good idea, maybe even streamer of the week? How will we select these streamers?

I think a formal social media team would be great. How do you propose we go about that? :slight_smile:

Right now, given the smaller numbers, streamer of the week sounds much more realistic. And maybe chosen at random, with a database keeping track of who has already been chosen so they don’t show up again?

A formal social media team is a must nowadays. And we would need people who would be willing to put in the time on the various channels, or even just assign one in the group to one. They would probably need social media manager programs (RADAAR’s free, for example, and fairly new; maybe work with them?) and the like.

I suppose I could help out a little on that, though due to my day job (Federal Government), I can’t touch TikTok.

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IIRC the “streamer of the week” thing was a unofficial twitter page that was using Glimesh in its name but had no official affiliation with us whatsoever.

My thoughts here are such as:

  • Keeping track of who has been selected/ who hasn’t would for sure be a nightmare, especially at scale
  • What kind of things would qualify someone from being a “streamer of the week/day/month” and how do you ensure that it is offering up equality and fairness to everyone to have the same chance at selection?
  • Related to the above at the very least you would need to be ensuring the content is something which is highlighly Glimesh in a positive light and being a positive example of the ToS and RoC
  • What kind of thing would share as part of it?
    *If you intend to share clips that could be a barrier to entry for some, and clips are something we dont do right now and rely on replay buffer. - As a point here, clone1018 has been working on a form to get people to upload replay buffer clips where possible and also ensure that people are giving us express permission to use those clips
  • How would this work at scale do you feel?
  • Daily is really not something we should consider imo, it would be noise and people would tune it out on their socials as it would become a lot like going live tweets and such if its just flooding timelines
  • I think naming it things like “streamer of the week” probably isnt the best name as it does sound like picking faves but could be refined and worked on

Discussion re: tools wise for social media, would be better placed as its own thread. Each thread should be unique to the original purpose for its discussion :slight_smile:

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I’m inclined to leave this to the community run affairs that tend to pop up, like the one you referenced. As Berri stated, it’s an incredibly fine line to walk for us to not be seen as promoting select streamers, or playing favorites.

It’s a possibility, I do think there could be a way to do it correctly, but it’s also something requiring an absolute pile of work that frankly I just don’t personally think we are equipped to deal with right now. I think that a Glimesh run “streamer of the week” type feature is something that is best visited in the future when we are more established, have a larger base, and are less focused on improving the core mechanics and feature set of the platform.

Which brings me full circle to leaving it in the hands of a passionate community in the meantime at least. That also has the advantage of possibly, when the time is right for us, collaborating with the persons responsible for the project and bringing them into the fold to work with us on making it “official”.


I think Glimesh technically already has this on the front page for streamers who have opted in to be featured on the home page. A background and fun facts of the streamer would be up the streamer on their profile for what they want to share about themselves.


I’ll add to that…

  • what if the streamer doesn’t want to be shouted out on twitter at that time

how could one opt out without making the selection process a logistical nightmare


Something similar that could be done might be to start a form somewhere (google etc) where we ask our streamers if they want to be shouted out per se. And to write a small bio of their channel, what brought them to glimesh etc, and we make an image post about them.

“Streamers of Glimesh” you could call it. It’s not streamer of the week but it does highlight the people who want to be highlighted. Could be done on Twitter and Instagram.

You mean like Glimesh Streamers Unite? Account’s already there, but dead since May. Maybe see about hitting up the owner and seeing about taking it over?

For the record, there’s also two female-oriented dead/sleeping/hibernating/yougettheidea Glimesh accounts–Glimesh Girls and Girls of Glimesh–and there may be others that cater to other needs. But the problem is that they’re going south for one reason or another and it takes dedication to do so. And of course, that takes community.

While those accounts are great potentially, I don’t think they would have the reach or impact that the main glimesh account would have.

These were fan accounts made based on what they believed to be user need. I don’t think that these accounts need to be taken over and they should continue to be fan run on their own.

The bottom line for right now is that we do not have the resources, time, or staff to make this happen. Further, there is honestly little need of it between our Twitter and the front page opt-in. As I said, it’s something we can revisit later when we aren’t as hyper focused on finishing out features and the like, and would honestly make more sense then.

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I disagree with basically your entire post @Paco1342. As part of our social media content profile embedding content like this seems trivial for a lot of content gain. For some reason we’ve ended up at a point where Glimesh never promotes its streamers, even though they are the exact thing we need to support to keep growing. It’s also illogical for us to be shutting down ideas because they don’t scale, because right now we have no scale in sight. Let’s get to scale and then we can pause ideas that are causing us trouble.

Just yesterday we retweeted a similar campaign from one of our users @MsPixels, and it received a good amount of traction.

To me it seems like a very easy workflow to have some Google Form or similar that allows streamers to submit their channel, we verify they’ve had no warnings on their account, and then we schedule them in the social media calendar for future promotion.

With that, my proposal is:

  1. We create a form for streamer applicants to apply.
  2. Couple of times a month the GCT filters through the list, and marks streamers as approved or unapproved.
  3. Marketing randomly selects one streamer per week and adds them to our social media calendar. If we do not want to prepare content for each streamer, then we can make it clear it’s on them to create a tweet that shows off who they are, and we simply retweet it when it’s time.

We would need a volunteer for 1, and would need to confer with the GCT on 2, but I will do 3 if necessary.


I don’t see why this couldn’t be handled by the Events team, it’s already similar to the process for events, requires a lot of the same things, and would mean we already have access to what we need to do this. Once we decide what we need on the form, I can get that together fairly quickly. I can also come up with a quick process for GCT to help handle processing of approved/unapproved streamers.


This is the Tweet Insights incase anyones interested…


Sounds like an even better idea! If we make it as simple and repeatable as possible, it’ll give us the most value across the board.

We can start another thread for approval requirements if we need, but I think just using the same litmus test we use for the community events is 100% ok.

I’ll get some initial thoughts together and make a new post to discuss the details of “Streamer of the Week” and the process by which to become it

I created an account similar to one of these and setup a standardised template which meant you could create a post in minutes easily (posted 3-6 times a day). I also done a streamer of a week and overall in one month the feedback from it was great! Personally a big supporter of these if done correctly. Plus there are so mannnyyy other kinds of posts that you can do that can gain traction and tap into other areas to spread the name.

I think the biggest issue surrounding social media posts is not finding the content, instead the moderation surrounding them. Personally I would do away with any form filling and moderation, and just shout out people that are streaming on Glimesh - Streaming alone is worthy of a shout out. As for streamer of the week, these should be the regulars which are easy to pick out anyway. As for the moderation element of it, ultimately if somebody does wrong and it represents badly promoting them - then simply delete the post.

Ways to expand the content:

  • Streamer of the week
  • Streamer of the month
  • Streamer of the year (Perhaps gets some free merch)
  • Tips
  • Advice
  • Interviews
  • Suggestions
  • List goes on…


Do away with the moderation and just crack on - If any issues arises, then act accordingly. As soon as you have templates ready, on a site like the posts are so ridiculously quick to make it will allows you to post sooo much more and sooo much more efficiently.


Coming from someone that has dealt with these creator achievements type of motivation. I need to say that this does not work very well.

Platform 1 mixer and platform 2 Dlive.

Platform 1 and 2 . Have or had a highlights style program where your were “Featured by the company” on the main page (kind of like we do now) but it was not algorithmic controlled. Platform 2 would claim it was algorithmic controlled but in turn they had someone choosing who would be on the front page. Lots of complaints about favoritism.

Platform 1 Had an auto hosting bot that would only go to highly active channels. Many views just sat in that channel and never go and visit the channels that were hosted. It provided no real means of small streamer growth as viewers would Afk/lurk that channel.

Next platform 2 had what was call " creators on the rise" which was based on how many donations a creator earned in a stream. ( this was very manipulated by streamers as they could just tip each other and over again to increase their ranking on the list.

If you setup these achievements systems, then I feel that streamers will see them as goals to reach an if they reach these goals will use it as a means to lord over other streamers on the platform.

I am, by no means saying it is not a good idea. But, it would need to be policed very strickly and the merits to get to the achievement has to be extremely monitored so that it could not be manipulated by bad actors.

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Just a thought. What if the Twitter could auto post whenever a channel gets featured on the homepage for the first time?

It should be clear of the favouritism argument given that:

  1. It’s automated,
  2. It’s tied to the random nature of the homepage,
  3. and lastly, it would only happen once per channel

May be a good extra measure to make it opt-in but I wouldn’t imagine anyone who opt-in for the homepage would have much against a single automated tweet.

My initial thought to seeing this thread’s original post was just an immediate concern about the favouritism problem but after reading the whole thread, I can’t help but agree with Clone here…