Stream Statistics

Hey all,

Looking for some suggestions for what people would like to see on the stream statistics page.

We should be able to pull some anayltics from Plausible: see here for examples

I was hoping to get some conversations relating to what people would like to see added for those who are using it

thanks all!

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I think annotated/annotatable charts would be great - viewers, followers, subs, chat messages/min. If you could see the effect of changing your stream title, changing games, or a getting a raid that would be very useful.

Also stats for:

  • peak viewers
  • avg viewers
  • avg watch time per viewer
  • returning viewers
  • unique viewers
  • new viewers

All of these is a good start.

We really don’t have to look too far to know what the ‘basic metrics’ people are generally after are.

Going forward I would also be keen to investigate just how plausible metrics such as how many people stayed past the first 30s. This is one thing that so many creators know is important (first impressions, you have to make a good one if the viewer is going stay) and so it would be interesting to see how we could go about tracking something like that.
But of course that is quite far down the line but something to keep in mind going forward.

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Oooh I do like the idea of being able to see the changes when you change your game tag/category etc. That’s pretty cool, unsure how it would be possible but definitely I think something interesting to look into :3

even if you annotated it manually, you may later go back and see trends

Just to point out here, I make no promises to be able to do any of this right now. I can for sure work out some stuff such as view counts, possibly even subscriptions, but as I am still very early into learning coding/dev more complex stuff will have to come later, especially things like annotated graph data, that sounds like at the moment its beyond my capabilities haha :slight_smile:

These suggestions have all been helpful though, as I don’t stream myself nor ever really looked at the much in the way of stream analytic dashboards the direction has helped so thank you :smiley:

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a quick glance at the source code of our open data page seems to indicate that apexcharts is used for our graphs. maybe this will help: A guide to annotating the charts – ApexCharts.js …y’know, later :wink:

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Just give me total channel views again. Especially since Twitch dropped it because the stats were inaccurate and they were too lazy to fix it so they just dropped it.

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Some reformatting on the stream time starting and ending columns for readability would be nice. Mostly an issue with spacing. Also, if there was another column added that kept track of your cumulative streaming hours so it was all in one place instead of having to go to a different page that would do wonders.


Not so much a suggestion of the metrics I’d like to be tracked, but I’d like to be able to export them as a .CSV file. Similar to the ‘Open Data’ page.

I suppose you could also include:

  • Unique Chatters
  • Volume of Messages
  • New Followers