Stream Schedule

I’d like to see a stream schedule feature. You would be able to easily set your schedule on your profile, and using the database select the game you will be playing, or be able to type in the stream subject matter.


I’d be down for this.

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This is definitely something we have had requested in the past. I personally think this is something which would be a great idea for those who wish to use it, especially those who may have communities which are across multiple timezones, though the logistics of how I am not really sure, especially with varying timezones.

Though the most logical would be for the streamer to just say im on, for example BST and then the calendar just says BST next to the times. I say this because from what I understand its incredibly difficult to make functionality which will display in your timezone one side while display on the viewers timezone the other. (that isnt to say it could never happen, just that it would likely be a future infrastructure to put in place) However, much like theres a countdown on the events on the homepage which is in the users native time, we could perhaps look to implement that somehow so the viewer doesn’t need to worry about timezones so much.

As for linking it to the games directory I am not sure how that would work personally but its definitely an interesting idea!