Stream elements integration

Hello all. Long time I know. I recently looked tobsee where the direction was going on getting use integrated with stream elements.

  1. I know we have glimboi, mixitup,etc.

Just hear me out before you shoot me in the knee with an arrow. Stream elements has been setup for a lot of twitch streamers. They like it, they use it, it a easy alternative to streamlabs. It may be something we should reach out to them again, and see if they would develop some features that would work on the platform.

Last convo with stream elements: Support For GlimeshTV | StreamElements Community Board

Ok take aim with thoes arrows…

From the sounds of it this is a natural no-brainer when it comes to it. It’s clear StreamElements are up for it but not until they know it’s worth while which is reasonable. I personally don’t think there’s much Glimesh can do to expedite this though. We just gotta keep going and give the platform our all. I’m guessing StreamElements will likely get to work on their own once they see the platform get somewhere but until then, nothing much can be done on Glimesh’s end. It’s honestly more of a them problem than an us problem is what I’m trying to say. That’s just my opinion though. I can’t speak for anyone other than myself.

Besides, via the amazing bot services you’ve mentioned, it’s not like we’re completely at a loss anyway.

It looks like they have an API that we may be able to use. With Streamlabs I was able to get support for us by playing with their API. Turns out they don’t check platforms during an alert playback. Any username can be passed to the alert. You still need a supported service to get an account but a third party bot or script can play streamlabs alerts normally. Glimboi does that :slight_smile:

While this is a “workaround”, I did get permission to do so. If we go the similar route with Streamelements and a bot/individual decides to share it they should also get permission. I don’t have time to do the full research right now but their API docs are here for anyone interested. We would be looking for anyway to manipulate the overlay/alertbox (I’m not sure what they call it). Its possible that it cannot be done though, all depends on their API.

I would call this unofficial service. Rather hacky, but it is no work on their part.