Stream Clips & Vods

Saving streams means those that find you when your offline can see what your about, its great for discoverability 24/7

Also, for chat to be able to clip snapshots of your vid means we have an archive for future platform tiktoks etc

Also, I just saw this idea and think its amazing: TikTok

Is there an alternate link for that or can you transcribe?

I ask because as a Federal Employee, I’m prohibited from accessing TikTok, even in offtime due to position. Plus, aside from myself, there’s others who might not be able to do so for the same or other reasons. Thanks.

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Tiktok TL;DR

So, the basic idea is that as soon as someone clips your stream, that clip is launched onto a global ‘Clip Page’ on the site (rather than going off to nowhere) a bit like our Featured Streams on the front page.

This means that your Clip is instantly used to promote your live stream rather than just used by you, when your offline, to promote yourself on other platforms (Tiktok, Youtube etc).

We could have a clip feed under the Featured Streams on the home page, thats a small reel of 6 clips and as soon as theres a new clip, it moves (conveyer belt style) to add the new clip to the front and also onto a Clips Page so people can always scroll through all clips.


I like this idea! A built-in clip viewer type thing that potentially could tell you when a streamer is also live, maybe a red border or something that could quickly be clicked to join the live. Similar to what TikTok does. There would be a lot of logistics to work through if viewers can create clips but I’m intrigued by the idea!

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