Spark & Ember Like Integration

Hello everyone,

One of the things I enjoyed having been a part of Mixer, was the Spark & Ember
system. I felt like it encouraged viewers to want to interact more, and made it feel like they were a part of the stream. I was wondering if this was something that was thought about as an addition to Glimesh?


You could call them “drops” based on the raindrop/glimdrop motif.


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i do believe it has been discussed, as embers were = twitch bits. i think the main hangup was how they would interact/effect the stream. like would they just be an internal site currency and you buy in bulk, or could we do something meaningful like when a streamer gets so many they can get more Emote slots, or transcoding options(as transcoding is expensive and this would help offset costs). But things like the later need to wait for more fleshed out features.

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I liked the concept of just buying a bag of Embers to use at your leisure to support your favorite streamers. The visual aspect when someone picked an an Ember design or animation they liked I felt made it fun for both the streamer/viewer. I guess it could be used like you said as just an in house currency instead of a donation, and maybe the streamer could redeem certain perks when they accumulate enough.

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