Social networking feed

It would be nice for a streamer to post pictures, clips and text updates and for the followers to subscribe to these updates. A little Glimesh version of Twitter, integrated into the platform?


I think this could definitely be interesting! The only thing I wouldn’t like is for it to become “another social feed for the streamer to maintain”, so I think good integration with another plethora of networks to maybe be able to easily post things knowing where each is being posted is gonna be key.
Content wise, it probably being responsive might allow for content viewing without things taking double the size of the screen. Probably a community tab, enhanced and with good management of threads wile also being able to see streamer and chat is gonna help.
A quick look at the profile section and the positioning ways I can think of are:

  • A section system, which might work well until other things like clips/vods sections are added.

  • A tab system, which might not allow simultaneously viewing things like the about section but might help quickly viewing things while watching a stream and without cluttering.

  • A hybrid between both systems.

In any case I feel like how the page is organized could be an option for the streamer to decide, since none other than them will know how much space the sections take in their page.
What would be left to know is storage management and capabilities will such an addition bring upon the site and so that it doesn’t end up demanding too much. That, and/or ways to easily make mockups if able to.

I’ll add to this that it’d be great if followers could subscribe to the feed and have all their news show up in one feed. I think a community tab sort of thing like youtube has would be great for both individual channels, and stream teams if/when they are thing in the future. It would be a great way to keep viewers updated about your streaming schedule and channel updates, share clips(in the future if they become a thing) or pics, and even network with other glimesh streamers

We may even be able to integrate a streamers twitter feed (or other social media) as a sidebar