Social media video - Glimtip - Docking chat into OBS

So I’ve worked on this one a fair bit already so any comments or feedback before we look at sending it out over TikTok and Twitter?

Ignore the number system in the filename as thats just so I can keep track

GlimTip - Docking chat into OBS

I think that looks great. Do you need music to go along with it? If so, as always, mine is available to use if needed.

I would also put it on the subreddit if possible.

Should have music. May have to unmute the imgur video as it often is muted as default.

Actually, it was my browser - for some reason it glitched and wasn’t playing it. Rebooted and things are working fine now.

Anyone else got any feedback? Otherwise are we able to go ahead and get the ball rolling on having it posted onto the socials like TikTok?


Looks great, I think it’s ready to go!

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@clone1018 Any chance we can get this posted to TikTok?

Got this one on the TikTok (@glimeshtv) TikTok | Watch’s Newest TikTok Videos