Site Update 0.1.0+df40d8b: PNG emotes!

Website Build Version: 0.1.0+df40d8b is now deployed! 100% of these features were contributed by our community!

Feature #861 - Add PNG support for Emotes

Though our existing emotes system is superior because it’s based on a vector graphics format (which means its easily scalable), having only SVG emotes makes it very difficult for others to add their existing emotes to Glimesh. Due to this, we’ve decided to add support for PNG emotes (with SVGs making a comeback in the near future), and raising our emote limit to 10 emotes! Check it out now on your emotes page.

Feature #862 - Allow turning off receiving gift subscriptions

You can now disable the ability for you to get gift subs given to you as a viewer of another channel. By default we’ve left the ability to get gift subs on, but you can change that on your preferences page.

Feature #852 - Add title mutations to the API

We’ve added modifying the stream title to the Glimesh API, so now bot authors and other 3rd parties can add native support for that.