Site Update 0.1.0+d51366f: Next-gen Payments!

Website Build Version: 0.1.0+d51366f is deployed!

Feature #773 - Add Channel Donations
Any streamer who has a sub button can now receive donations directly from their audiences! These donations are being offered to streamers without any Glimesh-introduced fees, so you’ll recieve your full donation amount, minus Stripe fees (2.9% + 30¢). Donations will be paid out to your account during the bi-weekly payday. Donations currently can be any amount between $1 and $100 in USD only, however any country can still pay in their local currency.

Donations can be enabled / disabled at any time via your new Support Modal page in your channel settings (called Addons as well).

Subscriptions can now be enabled / disabled at any time via your Support Modal page.

Streamloots can now be enabled / disabled at any time via your Support Modal page.

Support Modal Page:

Feature #773 - Change channel subscription split to 40% for us, 60% for streamers
Changes the sub split for all channel subscriptions to 40/60 (us/streamers). Any subscriptions that renew after this posting will have the new rate, any unpaid subs before this post will have the 50/50 rate. After a subscription renews it is automatically updated to the new split.

Feature #771 - Automagically show upcoming events on the homepage
Since we now use a new built-in events system, we can setup featured events to automatically appear on the homepage when they are ready to be shown. By default we show featured events 7 days in advance.

Feature #765 - Add built-in events system
Add a new events system where GCT & Event Team members can add upcoming events to an interactive calendar. All events show up on a newly created /events page and future integration with other pages is now possible.

Chore #772 - Add referral information to email go live notifications
Adds a reference query param to the Go Live notification emails to determine how often the links are used to get to the stream.

Fix #768 - Fix followingLiveChannels returning offline channels
Prevents a bug where sometimes the mobile app was trying to show offline channels.

Fix #767 - Update API documentation with more details
Updates documentation to include more information about the available fields and the data they store.