Site Update 0.1.0+bb23f14: Pronouns!

Website Build Version: 0.1.0+bb23f14 is deployed!

Feature #755 - Pronouns on profile & channel
Adds a new way to easily identify your gender preference by adding a pronoun selector to your profile settings! Once enabled you can configure if you want to show it on your channel, profile, or both! In the future we’ll add it to chat as well, but we need to work on some visual updates for chat first. If you don’t see the pronoun you identify as, let us know!

Configuration Page:

Feature #748 - Add Current Homepage Query to API
Adds a way to query the current homepage channels via the API. Primary intended for the mobile app’s usage.

Fix #752 - Don’t try to send an email if the stream is not live
Fixes a backend bug that was throwing errors when a streamer started and then ended their stream within a couple of minutes.

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