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Feature #884 - Add Live & Recorded Media Use addendum to the RoC

A new section has been added to the RoC to cover streaming specific types of live or recorded media.

Live & Recorded Media Use

Streaming sports, pay-per-view content, concerts, or other similar live or recorded media without prior authorization from the organizer or copyright holder is a violation of our Terms of Service. This type of media includes, but is not limited to:

  • Concerts
  • Movies
  • Television Shows
  • Sports Matches

Glimesh requires that streamers submit proof of licensing prior to streaming this type of content. If proof of licensing has not been submitted, the stream will be taken down without prior notice and appropriate action will be taken against the account. Proof can be submitted to Glimesh at

Feature #879 - Allow moderators with permission to edit stream title, category, and tags

Streamers can now give edit permissions to individual moderators on their channels. The edit permission will give the selected moderators access to the edit modal on the stream page. It will not give moderators permission to any of the streamer’s settings pages. The permission is off by default.

Fix #883 - Wordwrap long stream titles

Fix #882 - Correct Various Typos