Site Update 0.1.0+6b45e7c: Hosting, NACKs, and new payout countries!

Website Build Version: 0.1.0+6b45e7c is now deployed! This release is packed with a bunch of really awesome features and bug fixes, and is our first major release of the new year. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to your feedback.

Feature #786 - Add Channel Hosting
Glimesh now supports hosting other channels when you are offline! This has been requested since we announce we were going to exist, so it’s very nice to finally support this feature. The most important thing to note is this feature was built by a first time Glimesh contributor @MemoryLeakDeath and was exceptionally documented and tested. We were able to release it to all users with only a single bug report and people are loving it so far!

Feature FTL#135 - Add support for NACKs
Glimesh offers the lowest latency streaming in the business, but as many of you have noticed in the tradeoff for speed we sometimes lose reliability and streams can experience video studdering or other issues in the event of packet loss. @danstiner spent some of their free time implementing NACKs which help smooth out the video in the event of minor packet loss. With this new feature streams that experience odd studders seemingly randomly should be a bit more stable. NACKs will also help OBS report out when you are experiencing some networking issues which should give streamers a bit more insight into problems they may be experiencing.

Feature #800 - Allow banning a user from the Moderators page
You can now ban users from your channel without having to worry about them chatting in your stream, or catching one of the messages they’ve sent. You can find that new option here: Glimesh

Feature #782 - Add new payout supported countries
You can now signup for payouts from: Kenya, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Turkey!

Here’s the full list:

Additionally various smaller bugs have been fixed, with a large amount of time spent on the upgrade to Phoenix 1.6. You can find those changes here: Pull requests · Glimesh/ · GitHub