Site Update 0.1.0+191a4f1: Gift Subs!

Website Build Version: 0.1.0+191a4f1 is now deployed! This release is packed with a bunch of really awesome features and bug fixes, and is our first major release of the new year. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to your feedback.

Feature #830 - Add Gift Subs
Glimesh now supports very basic Gift Subs! Any streamer who has subscriptions enabled now automatically has Gift Subs as well. Any user can gift a sub to any other user at the moment (potential to change in the future). Once you gift a subscription, the user will have the option before the sub expires to upgrade it to a monthly subscription, if they upgrade half way through the month, it wont invoice them until the full gift sub is completed. We’ll be requesting feedback from the community on how this feature should evolve.

You can find the Gift a Sub option under the Support modal.

Fix #882 - Better support for ultrawide displays
Allow videos to resize in more ways to better support ultrawide displays.