Show number of live streams for each category on the homepage

This was originally suggested by TekNeil on discord

It would be a good idea to show the number of live streams on the platform per category as new visitors can easily get the impression that the only live streams are the 6 featured streams.

Here is the discord thread with several suggestions/UI mockups:

i feel with the current growth this would be an ideal QoL update of the Ui front page and would also stop the mis idea that there is no one streaming and the site is “dead”


time for me to be mr negative again…

having the categories listed twice in the first 2 lines of the page feels redundant. It is also important that we keep the live video featured stream at the top of the page as is shows we are an active, breathing streaming site, not just a mock-up

I wouldn’t jump on adding this feature too soon TBH. Unfortunately our numbers are not “762 Live” or “132 Live”, but “12 Live” and “1 Live”. Is that really something we want to highlight? Posting it so prominently on the homepage only serves as ammo for other streamers/sites to mock us with

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Ok, so you’ve pointed out the negative. How would you suggest we counter the incorrect idea that there are 6 or fewer streams on the platform from new visitors? How do we highlight that there are more streams available to watch?

i do see both sides of the issue, I just want to encourage people to look at things from all angles.

I do see the value of showing that each of the different categories are active. I see the homepage as a jumping-off point. We could also just add the badges to the category links at the top of the page (like we do with the following page).

Whilst I love the idea of the featured streams, it does make Glimesh look a little quiet when there’s only 2-3 featured streams out of the 6-7 available slots (even when there’s 10+ streams hidden away in categories). Numbers on the homepage resolves this.

Look at other streaming platforms, most of their homepages are absolutely crammed with recommended streams, and random streams - it looks busy. I’m not suggesting we do this, but first impression of landing on the Glimesh homepage can be/is misleading.

The bounce rate on Plausible for the homepage is about ~40% which has been a consistent since the start. I’d like to think having category volumes would peak curiosity at least, and get potential viewers/streamers to check out the categories.

Something else SideNote mentioned - but hasn’t been included in here
It was suggested that Glimesh prompt it’s users when they have hit the 10hours necessary to be featured on the homepage.

Which could be good for those who haven’t realised there is a tickbox for, and for Glimesh to enable all featured slots are filled when possible.

May be best to move this part into its own separate thread, keep each thread unique to its own suggestion so votes are clearly assigned to the suggestion at the top of the thread and can be easily followed for which ones are most popular etc.

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I agree with this

And this

Firstly, we shouldn’t really care and stick to transparency here and just let people take it as they will.
Secondly, let’s be honest, they have ammo anyway and they’re gonna fire regardless so let’s just take cover and keep making this site worth it for those who actually pay attention to what the platform actually offers them. Glimesh’s features and options should speak for themselves.

I also agree with this :sweat_smile:

If people want the info, we are not hiding it, its at the top of each category right now. I feel like whats on the homepage should be us putting our best face forward, like an advertisement. This is the first impression people get when they visit after all.


Ok yeah I must admit that makes sense

The Plausible bounce rate metric is not accurate for our site due to the form of Live Navigation we use with our framework.