Should Glimesh eventually try have a GlimLoot thing?

Recently I saw a video about Sea of Thieves and it reminded me that, similar to Twitch drops, Mixer had Mixer Loot.

Personally I feel it’s not something that suits Glimesh but I admit it’s a nice thing to have for enabling developers to work on in-game rewards with Glimesh so I wanted to try open up the discussion.

I think it is a great thing as it gives a bit of an extra reward to the viewers. I think what we need to figure out is how to make it a less “class based” event where only the most connected or popular streamers get access to the loot pool for their viewers. If we could figure out a way to open the loot pool up to the whole site so anyone streaming that particular game or participating in that particular event can be involved then that would evenly promote the community.

That is precisely the thought I had when first reading this as well! I’m not sure exactly how it usually has to work, from a business standpoint so hopefully any companies offering loot/rewards would be understanding and on board with how Glimesh does things.

Another option could be to have what is basically a raffle for anybody opting in to that particular “event” and each day of the event has a random selection of people that offer loot. Basically the homepage feature, but for loot (and not changing every hour, presumably lol)

Some games do open it to everybody, World of Warships for example has 2 separate drop pools, one for partners only to use, and one which is opened up to everybody (the latter in my finding usually pretty common). Tarkov does the same on occasion - though not always. I do wonder how much of things being locked behind partners is due to the platforms structures with partners etc, and trying to ensure their partners are given preference, rather than the games themselves dictating only ‘x’ streamers can have it.

The whole thing just makes me think of when New World came out and there was so much hype around it on Glimesh so I feel that it would have a fair bit of power to enrich those kind of moments when the community bands together.

Big thing I think needs to be considered long term for setting up for this kind of thing, aside from it being done in a way that’s true to Glimesh, it would probably need Glimesh to have more integration with more platforms, particularly game launchers since stuff like game loots typically require people to link their Steam/Epic Games/Riot/Etc accounts to the platform so the rewards can be redeemed as seamlessly as possible. I imagine that could be a pretty big undertaking down the road. Good thing there should be plenty of road for it to happen.

For the most part I think the integration with launchers etc would be a work for those companies/platforms.

I don’t forsee any reason why we would refuse to have an integration with other platforms. As we’ve already seen with things like MixItUp, Lumia Stream, StreamLoots, etc we’re very open to having those integrations and the ability to authorise an account via the oAuth thing is already existing.

Would love to see more organisations integrated with Glimesh.

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