Should Gambling streams be allowed on Glimesh?

In light of twitch’s changes regarding gambling streams, it is worth discussing the pros and cons of gambling streams. As an open platform it is important for us to consider these decisions with an open mind, hear all points of view, and be willing to change our policies if warranted.

Our current policy is if you are operating within the confines of the law, such as age and gambling laws of your area, you are welcome to stream on Glimesh.

There seem to be a lot of people strongly against it on twitch. Should it fall under the umbrella of adult content? In almost all countries you must be over 18 to gamble for real money. if this is not something we can monitor, then should be allow it at all? I suspect this to be the reason for the outrage on twitch.

Personally I have no preference, but I do wish to understand the arguments better.

I personally have no idea but I do think that it’ll be wise to learn from what’s going down on Twitch

I think it is reasonable to require gambling streams to follow these rules:

  1. Your stream must be flagged mature.
  2. You must follow the US FTC’s guidelines on disclosure, namely you must prominently display if you are sponsored, have an ownership stake, or your monetary activity is being compensated by the site you are playing on (ie. you are playing with the house’s money and not your own or a mixture of both).

Possibly also (though this might be more controversial):

  1. Your chat rules section should include some text directing people to hotlines or websites where they can get help with gambling addiction (this could also be text that Glimesh provides just for being in a particular category).

I think you hit the nail on the head, if this were to be allowed.

Any relationship between streamer and the company should be fully disclosed and there should be a bot requirement that every so often a message is added to chat.

All that said - I don’t see any real value to these personally and not only is there a big storm on Twitch around whether gambling streams should exist, there’s also a big storm around (presumably) a streamer who scammed a bunch of people out of money to cover gambling debts.

Gambling addiction is a real thing and I don’t see why these sorts of things need a platform. Just my 2¢.

I agree tbh. Don’t wanna exclude anyone but gambling streams are just problematic enough that I think it’s justified, especially after the stuff with Twitch, that Glimesh takes a solid stance on it

Just to clarify, they ARE currently allowed on glimesh with NO additional restrictions.

No, This would diminish the make the site feel hollow. When many people don’t know is that when these popular streamers Gamble their RNG is not the same as others. When they gamble on these sites and they win bigger and more often giving a false reality. Also If you use their code the streamer takes a portion of your losses meaning they are profiting off your newfound addiction.

If Glimesh Allows Gambling I am removing myself from this site like I did with twitch and never giving them any more of my money. Apologies I am personally affected by Gambling where we needed to excommunicate my cousin who was stealing from family just to gamble. If you need more on this Google Abraham Mohammed a.k.a. ‘Sliker’ who stole $300,000 so he can continue gambling.