September Staff Meeting


Roadmap update for features, FTL, and design.

Weekly Metrics

Users Discord Twitter Reddit Instagram Facebook Apps
This Week 2065 963 1,346 164 103 50 8
Last Week 1948 947 1,303 162 101 47 -
Diff :arrow_up: 117 :arrow_up: 16 :arrow_up: 43 :arrow_up: 2 :arrow_up: 2 :arrow_up: 3 -


  • Translations: Italian & French translations are 100% completed!
  • Launched OAuth for the API and have 8 apps so far! Huge props to WildWolf
  • More glimdrop emotes and another streamer kit! Thank you Carmy & Jenn.exe
  • Test run of Glimesh stickers for merchandise - they look awesome!
  • Formatting tool for profile editor is ready for review
  • Glimesh Community Team apps are under review
  • New members on the contributors team: WildWolf & Cykotiq

Awesome translations throughout the last week.

Glimdrops, the official emoji for Glimesh

Carmy has designed some cute new Glimdrops, which are the official emotes for Glimesh!

Glimesh Vinyl Stickers compared to a quarter for size

We got awesome vinyl stickers from 8BitKatie - working on setting up a store!


  • Lack of information around foreign tax and legal obligations, re: payout – we’re starting to learn more about this, may be able to support Canada & UK on launch!


  1. Review Metrics, Wins, & Challenges
  2. Clone to give roadmap review on items needed for launch.

Ideal Launch:

  1. Always someone live
  2. Strong community values
  3. Core moderation team
  4. Diverse streaming types

Roadmap Update

Open the Full Image

We’ve made a lot of progress on the road to our launch! We’ve also got one consolidated roadmap for all of the various business functions we have so we can stay completely on track.


  • We’ve had a slow week in terms of growth, but we think that’s okay
  • Our user base is getting really large! Over 2,000 people will be getting an email the day we go live!
  • Next functionality step with OAuth will be allowing you to update your stream name for example.
  • Can’t buy the merchandise yet…sorry, but it’ll come very soon!
  • Paco anticipates inviting some members to the community team within the next week.
  • If you’re interested in translating the platform, reach out to mja000!
  • We discovered a new thing for the FTL test stream called Mountains (thanks Paco!)
  • Showed off our API code live on the stream! Documentation for the API is on Github.
  • Unveil the roadmap!
    • Broken down into three different branches/teams
    • We’ll turn on subscriptions about 2 weeks before launch. Streamers will be able to go in and set up their accounts so they can be set up for payouts on day 1
    • Need to make our emails look less spammy
    • Need to establish an api internally to communicate streamkeys
    • If you’re interested in working on FTL and have a background in C++, networks, like pushing bits around, come find Hayden in the discord!
    • After 400+ hours…FTL decided to die the moment we talked about it
    • Design goes hand in hand with all the other features to make sure we have a consistent look and feel
    • The 2 weeks before launch will be the busiest time of our lives getting prepared, but it’ll all be worth it