Sep 1st is #ADayOffTwitch

I know we dont like to attack other streaming sites directly, but i think it would be good to at least take advantage of the buzz on Twitter and other social media. We could post something along the lines of

dont just postpone your stream, take #ADayOffTwitch and try streaming on Glimesh!

Or we could address it more indirectly by posting about how we plan to deal with some of the issues twitch is being criticized for, and about how we stand up for marginalized communities

We might even want to go as far as to use the hashtag #ADayOffTwitch, or maybe #GlimeshDoesBetter?

I think we should accentuate the positive, personally. The “don’t just postpone your stream” line feels forced and market wonk-y. I like the idea of #GlimeshDoesBetter, because it gives a chance to explain why Glimesh does better and can just simply end with the #ADayOffTwitch.

Here’s my take: (might need some editing for size, unless you’re multiposting)

Here at @Glimesh, we try to do better than other streams, because we want to do right by our streamers:

  • we offer subscriptions right off the bat
  • we have an attentive community team that doesn’t take forever to respond
  • we offer the latest in streaming technology to make sure you get your stream out there
  • we have a dedicated and growing community that would love to see your stream!

So swing by and check us out!

And then add the hashtag. Bonus is that the wording can be used regardless of hashtag or not.

EDIT: I should also point out that while typing up something on Twitter just now, #ADayOnTrovo is already in the mix. Methinks we need to move somewhat fast.

EDIT 2: I just threw #ADayOnGlimesh into the ring.

well said

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