Seeking Marketing Co-founder is a live streaming platform for creators to share their content and build communities. We provide a simple, creator-minded, content-agnostic platform for live streaming, financial subscriptions, and super low latency experiences.

We’re building Glimesh to be a home for content creation. In this ever so modern world we’re seeing the traditional barriers of entertainment being broken down and replaced with direct to user content. Content creators today can instantly connect with their audience and interact with them with a very personal touch. Glimesh’s goal is to continue to build experiences that help content creators and their communities connect.

We’re looking to bring on our first actual position in the form of a marketing co-founder. Our goal is to grow the platform by continuing to engage streamers who are looking for alternatives, and help new viewers find engaging content on our platform.

This role would entail brainstorming large scale strategy, compiling it down into actionable items, and executing directly on those ideas. Measuring our campaigns, and their results is crucial in understanding their performance. You’ll need to gather a good understanding of our users, their needs, and how they like to be spoken to.

Ultimately the success of this role will be directly related to the success of the company. You won’t be limited to just marketing however, as a co-founder we’d rely on you to help in any ways you are interested. Your input and collaboration on any topic would be extremely valued.

Things to know:

  • Currently, we have zero budget to pay salaries. We have not raised any money from investors and are currently entirely bootstrapped by our community. At this time no one is paid, though due to our open nature many people volunteer their time. In our future, we’ll want to transition into a more traditional paid situation.
  • This position would entitle you to shares of the company, and we’re very interested in discussing alternative ways of supporting your work on Glimesh.
  • You’d be working directly with the founder Luke, who is very technical, with a solid grasp of the other sides of business. You’ll have his full attention to help develop any resources needed for marketing initiatives. Additionally our Community & Community Team loves volunteering their time to help Glimesh, especially when given clear direction.
  • We have a modest following & user base already so you are not starting from scratch, but we need to engage them more, in different mediums.
  • We’re an open company, so all of our work happens in public. Every month we share intimate details of the company’s finances, metrics, and future plans. All of our code is also open source and available on GitHub. We don’t provide direct support for running our software however.
  • We’re “morally good”, which means our shareholders are our users. We focus on positive features, without traditional gamification mechanisms.


  • Collaborating on large scale vision and strategy for the marketing & growth of Glimesh.
  • Executing directly on new marketing initiatives, including creating or contracting necessary content for our social media pages.
  • Innovating on new ways of reaching content creators and their audiences.
  • Outreach & networking with potential advertising partners and brands to increase brand awareness in the market.
  • Communicating regularly with our brand via social media, email, and in app notifications.
  • Building a strong framework of metrics that we can report out to the community.
  • Feedback on current product initiatives, and input on how best to deliver them and advertise their usefulness.
  • Organizing a group of Glimesh community volunteers to execute additional marketing tasks as required.


  • At least 3 years of experience in digital marketing.
  • Strong verbal and written communication.
  • Strong self organization and prioritization.
  • Interest in working openly with our open company initiative.

If you’re interested in learning more about Glimesh as a company, a full snapshot can be found in our May 2022 Board Meeting:

If you’re interested in this position, or you’d like to ask us any questions, please email me directly at