Second August Staff Meeting


Present Glimesh Community Team & draft moderation guidelines.

Weekly Metrics

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Last Week 1317 801 1036 152 71 31
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  • Signed up & utilized Buffer to start helping us manage social media better
  • Amazing translation results: 100% Norwegian by datagutt, 91% Japanese by Heiwa & shikask, and finally 60% French by Omn0mn0m – We’re looking for help with German, Spanish and Vietnamese!
  • Brand style guidelines started by bubdrum & carmy
  • Moderation meeting last Friday to get some good commentary on policies, TOS in progress as well by Heiwa!
  • Category support & stream title support has been added by mja00
  • Clone got a mic :slight_smile:


  • US Government extremely behind on EIN applications. - Confirmed with Stripe on Monday, no updates yet…
  • Lack of information around foreign tax and legal obligations, re: payout – we’re starting to learn more about this, may be able to support Canada & UK on launch!


Paco to present the Glimesh Community Team and approach to solving Moderations topics.

Ideal Launch:

  1. Always someone live
  2. Strong community values
  3. Core moderation team
  4. Diverse streaming types


  • Clone has “mouse elbow” from so much coding
  • We’re still growing, but our numbers on growth were a little lower
  • Most of our wins were from the community, not Clone or Kristoff
  • Paco’s Segment: Moderation & Terms of Service
    • Volunteers for the moment
    • Looking for volunteers who want to talk to us at length about underrepresented content creators (e.g. body artists)
    • Ping Paco1342 or Heiwa in the #business or #suggestions channel to talk about areas of the Terms of Service that are the biggest concerns for your type of content
    • Reviewed Community Team Mission Statement (written by Paco)
    • We want to make sure that everyone finds Glimesh to be safe and fair and empowers them to be better content creators
    • Fair & impartial bans, terminations, etc.
    • Gut feelings aren’t taken into account, only facts
    • Community Feedback: Make sure to communicate before things happen as much as we can
    • We will take down any audio segments in compliance with our DMCA policy.


YouTube Recording: