Scalable chat message sizing

From the Trello.

Ability to add in the option to change the size of the text in chat message bubbles on channels. This would be something that could be set from the chat settings cogwheel (pictured below), and give the user some options in increasing or decreasing the size of the text used.
Would help in accessibility for those of poor sight, as well as allow others who want to ‘fit more’ messages on the page to do so.



This can be done in browser for now though. For example holding control and moving scroll wheel will zoom in chat on Google Chrome. While not ideal it can be scaled to quite big without losing much space for the video. Implementation for text would be great eventually but I feel browser zoom is good enough for now while other features are worked on.

Just to add an additional point to this discussion – It looks like the chat is using the Roboto font and I don’t know how readable that is for someone with Dyslexia, so it may be good to provide an option for those users to switch to a more friendly font like “Dyslexie” or “Open Dyslexic”.