Safety Idea: Reputation Layers

Playing devils advocate also. How would we market it to the public and other streamers. I think some viewers my be turned off to the fact they would have “earn” the right to use features that they have on other platforms.

Streamers with “open q/a style chats” where a user might send a link to source material might not see the rep system as a good thing.

Sorry bouncing ideas in my head.

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Ultimately for a streamer, it would work exactly like these options do today:

Which are marketed as configurable features streamers can use to protect their stream. These levels would enable the same thing, but with a bit more magic. Hopefully it’ll enable streamers to have more open chats, without having to deal with targeted harassment.

For users who are impacted (for example Level -1 users), they simply need to link 2fa, or maybe their twitter account, or some other verification to continue chatting. Each of those features also helps protect the security of their account.

If a streamer wants everyone to post links, regardless of their level, they would be able to do that.

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For hate raids, you state sending them to mod team for review. Could it be done later?

After the raid is in a mod could “unraid” it. So anyone who came in from the raid is muted/booted?

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Do we think there is a viability to being able to quickly turn some of these options on with just 1 command. Sort of like a panic button that someone can hit/type in the event of a hate raid type situation which turns on a bunch of these features that maybe aren’t always needed for the creator.

For instance it could turn on the ability to chat or post links from level -1 to level 1.

Sounds possible to me, but we’d have to understand the impact if it’s not handled in real time.
For example, a real positive raid could be blocked automatically and not seen until sometime later.

I think that’s exactly the kind of thing we could let them control. “Hey there’s an influx of raiders with zero reputation, should we block the entire group?”

Sounds like a good idea to me! Proactive & reactive solutions!

Not to be an ass here, but I would assume this is supposed to say “can’t do”

From what I have seen as well, people seem to be getting round a lot of word filters by using things such as special characters, it could also be worth (if its not something already possible) looking into how to stop the use of special characters.

Streamers to be able to implement their own banned words may also be a consideration here.

I agree with the idea of a quick command as @Chalk has suggested to quickly toggle these things on, I would also look if we could extend that too mods, as if a streamer is invested in a game they may not notice it to react immediately.

Perhaps a way to turn off chat entirely, preventing users chatting at all, regardless of level (mods to override this ofc)? Like a killswitch almost, this is happening - stop all interactions.

For real time I think for the numbers these raids bring some form of mass click and ban for the mod team may prove beneficial.

Just initial thoughts here, not sure if it is of help, as I think more on things I will come back.

I think getting a start on this now and pushing forward can only be good for the future of the users of this platform.

Can is correct, Level 0 can do all functions. Level 0 and Level 1 have no functional differentiation, just allows the streamer to basically select “Random Viewers” vs “Glimesh Regulars”.

What I’m suggesting with Reputation Layers goes beyond the contents of the message, and instead focuses on the reputation of the user. Users who join the site only to hate raid, spam, or otherwise automatically harass users would be stuck in Level -1 (along with being banned by the GCT).

While I agree filters like these are a good idea, they are not directly related to the proposal here.

One of the main things we’d hope to accomplish with the Reputation system is to allow honest users to continue chatting. I’ve been watching what happens on Twitch, and a streamer losing their chat to prevent spam is not a solution we should shoot for. Ideally we can design this system in such a way that a streamer can continue about their business, not even aware a hate raid is happening, because we’re automatically blocking it.

Oh I see, the use of 2 level 1’s, (i missed the minus) one for Untrusted User and one for Regular threw me, I apologise for the misunderstanding :slight_smile:

Love all this! A little like Mixers old Viewer levels per stream but this is site wide, which makes more sense. Yes please :relaxed::joy:

Maybe that’s the nerd in me! We can change the numbers, or words attached to the levels :stuck_out_tongue:

Would there be a way to lose reputation. Say someone comes in, they enable 2FA or whatever, and they cause issues, could their reputation level be reverted based off any infractions made etc, so they would have to regain that trust again via the interaction levels sat at -1 ?

My logic in that is that not all people who are hate raiding are people who are potato accounts, they could be users who have been round, even streamed etc in the past.

I like everything but this bit:

Required Level to Chat
A streamer configurable minimum level for all users in their chat to be able to send messages.

If I was a new user, and I joined multiple channels where I was not able to chat, I would find this very frustrating, and I would probably leave the site. I can see a lot of streamers setting this to “glimesh regulars only” without thinking about it (eg. in an effort to avoid bots). We want visitors to feel welcomed, not shunned. I understand it is a choice the streamer is free to make, but if it hurts the glimesh community as a whole by putting people off about the platform, I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

If we did implement it, I would recommend we limit the streamer’s options to

  • -1 untrusted and
  • 0 trusted visitor

on the other hand… is it really that different from “sub-only” chat or “follower-only” or “emote-only” chat? :thinking:

I think the idea is to be less restrictive than " follower only" chat but also potentially more effective at sussing out bots and troublemaking users.

would “spam messages” be defined as a message identical to any of the last 10? ie. not just the same user reposting the same message, or sending messages rapidly, but any non-unique message from recent chat

(feel free to spin this off into its own thread if you think it’s warranted)

Potentially could be both. What I would envisage the aim of stopping/allowing this spam would be things like raid messages (both the good kind as well as bad) where the same message is generally posted by multiple users multiple times.
So essentially someone that isn’t allowed to spam because of their trust level would be stopped because of either

  • too many messages too quickly (slow mode style)
  • non-unique message (same message as everyone else above)

The second one is fraught with danger as it could easily pick up situations that are not the target, such as a streamer asking a question (What state is Las Vegas in again?) and everyone in chat replies with “Nevada” within a short period of time. This isn’t really something that is an issue of concern, nor do we actually want to pick up this with any sort of spam filter.

Restricting it to just that users last few messages is probably a better option. If its only people with a ‘poor’ reputation that can’t repeat the same message then I believe its more likely to have the desired outcome.

yea I was speaking of spam filtering in the context of reputation levels - spamming would not result in a ban or timeout - the message just wouldn’t send if your reputation level was not high enough

Had a good read through of this idea.

I really like the idea, I feel a sort of Panic Button is a good idea that will temporarily up the reputation level to chat is a great idea. I also dont feel it will be something intrusive like how people used to lock their mixer chats down unless you had reached viewer level 10.

I see this system as one that triggers when spam is detected or when the panic button is hit. Not something to stop new users talking. I really feel if this is done well it could really be a good selling point for protection against hate raids.

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what about some sort of per-channel reputation? For example if a user is in your chat regularly, not just around on glimesh in general but a viewer you are already familiar with, they could be considered level 2 in your channel only. That way you could hit a “panic button” and only the familiar faces would be able to chat.

Theoretically a determined spammer could create 20 accounts days in advance, verify them, link twitter to them (the same twitter account even) and use those 20 accounts to lurk in the other 20 streams. they are unlikely to spend significant time (multiple hours across multiple streams?) in every channel they plan to spam/troll, engaging with the streamer

Another aspect of level 2 could be not getting banned anywhere on the site in the last 24-48hrs. This could keep trolls from wreaking havoc across the site for hours/days on end. If they hate raid one or 2 streams, they get banned, and then they cannot attack other streams for a while, which gives streamers time to report them, the GCT time to investigate, and it enables us to link together all the accounts so they can be banned from glimesh globally if warranted

Nice, I love the idea of the reputation system! (Prestiege or exp would be cute things to call it) I actually was asking about something similar to this on discord a while back because on twitch people see partnered streamers as “reliable communities” since they’re established BUT getting partnered is extremely difficult and contractual. I feel like a badge system would be great as well because it would be nice to know who is safe to raid. I’ve know a lot of people that struggle with finding people they want to raid because they want to raid someone new but also someone that will keep their community safe.

I do believe that there should be a way for streamers or mods to report emergency situations to staff members in case mass hate raids are happening (to help document them) OR another example is a medical emergency is happening with a streamer live. I saw on twitter once a person lost consciousness on stream and everyone panicked and reported the stream because that’s all they could do. The streamer ended up being fine but their channel got banned and they had to wait MONTHS fighting with twitch support to be able to stream again.

Other suggestions I keep seeing around are IP bans, bans = ban + block, and easy reporting that lets you post screenshots/timestamps/links and if you know or suspect that they are a bot. Another issue I see is a lot of streamers and mods forget to report a lot because they’re too busy streaming (which is understandable). If there was somehow a way to remind them that reporting is an option or a ban + report option would be great. Another idea is to be able to flag accounts as suspicious for other moderators (or even moderators on a stream team) to view and keep tabs on.

A separate universal Glimesh mod team would be awesome in general especially for new streamers that don’t always have mods or know how to handle emergency situations.

I’m not certain how many of these are actually doable but I’m just spewing ideas also including what I’ve heard others suggest to twitch.


@inspire let’s try to keep the thread on topic. we can discuss each of your other ideas in its own thread