RTMP Testing Information

Hello everyone! We’re ready to more generally test our Low Latency RTMP servers. Currently during testing you can expect that things will be broken, and in order to help test we require you to help debug & diagnose issues so we can get it to perfection. If you want a more solid project, please wait until it’s available for release.

Due to the nature of our WebRTC video output, you must disabled bframes in your streaming application or your video will stutter.


  • Bitrate: Must be under 6000Kbps for the video.
  • Bframes: Must be set to 0, or your tune must be zerolatency.
  • Keyframes: 0 works best in our testing, but 1 or 2 should work as well.
    • Most streaming software: rtmp://no-longer-available
    • Aircast & some other multistreaming tools: rtmp://no-longer-available/
    • Other weird software: rtmp://no-longer-available/live/<maybe a stream key here>

Known Bugs / Issues

  • NVENC encoder occasionally does not work, if you experience this please screenshot your video settings and provide it to us in the rtmp-testing channel.
  • Sending b-frames will cause your stream video to stutter.
  • Advanced audio configurations like a 44.1 kHz sample rate may not work (needs testing).
  • Some clients may not like stream keys with slashes in them (needs testing).

Reporting Issues / Getting Help

Real time support is provided via our Discord. Once you join, you can view our #rtmp-testing channel, however you’ll need to assign a testing role in the #info-and-resources channel before you can chat! When reporting issues, include screenshots of your video output settings, and make sure to describe your issue in detail.

Thank you for helping test!


RTMP has completed testing and is now landed in production!

Check out our guide here on getting started using it: